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  1. buzzjackson

    Yet another pig tire question?

    Any one ever try the Michelin Competition Trials Rear tire on a XR650R. Wondering how it works, if it will fit being a 4.00 x 18, and how long it will last in different riding/racing conditions.
  2. buzzjackson

    Big Red Pig won't start...continued

    Fresh gas? Got a spark? Get help, one or more, and try push starting it.
  3. Will the Michelin trial competition rear tire size 4.00 x 18 64 L fit on my XR650R? I am thinking of giving it a try. Any ideals let me know. Thank you.
  4. I have a 2004X that is ready for the typical head and valve job and I am looking for someone that can do this work for me. I do not want to do it myself and I will not use the Honda guys unless I have to. Any ideal's would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Dan, Troy, Mi.
  5. buzzjackson

    xr 650 Seat ?

    What is the best way to change or replace or repair the hard seat on the XR650r? Does Baja Design Tall/Soft replacement foam work? Is there a gel option available? I ride 200 - 300 miles on dirt back roads and can't walk after because the damn BRP seat is rock hard. I'm sure this topic has been discused before but I couldnt find it in any threads. Any ideals. Thanks Dan From Michigan.
  6. buzzjackson

    Dual sporting a CRF250X anyone done it yet??

    I bought my 04 CRF250X with the R cam this past May and went all out with the Baja kit, 4gal tank, rear rack, dot tires. I am from Michigan and my 15 yo kid will be using it mostly in the UP. I also have a XR650R set up the same way. I wanted the blinkers so I can cruse around the suburbs getting more attention. I like that set up because my kid is less likely to get pulled over for not having his license. The cops can't tell hes not old enough yet when the bike looks completely legal.
  7. buzzjackson

    crf250x or crf450x????????????????

    I agree with the XR650R. I have both 250x and 650r and my 650r is awesome. It goes every where, has great power, and is extremely dependable. The 250x is much lighter, and has e start, but the big red pig rules.
  8. buzzjackson

    Rear axle nut size and portable wrench?

    Thanks for all the good info boys. I ordered a 22mm - 33mm wrench from Rocky Mountain on line, quick and easy. 10 bucks for the wrench and 7 for shipping. The only time I needed to use my XR650R wrench, I was way in the bush and found a small log to use as a hammer. Worked fine. On normal maintenance and repairs I use my metric set. Thanks again. DJ
  9. buzzjackson

    Rear axle nut size and portable wrench?

    Who knows what size the rear axle nut is for a 04CRF250X? I have been using a large adjustable wrench but now I need a lighter one for my on board tool kit. I know Fredette Racing Products http://www.frpoffroad.com/ makes a combo wrench for my XR650R, (fits both front and rear nuts), but I didn't see one for the 250X on their web site. Anyone know where I can get one? Thanks DJ 04 CRF250X 03 XR70R 01 XR650R 85 ATC250ES 66 BSA Bantam D7(for sale)
  10. buzzjackson

    Trail tech motorcycle computer thumbs up or thumbs down?

    Thumbs up. I have had one on my XR650R for four years and never had any problems. I use the Trail Tech for the speedometer and running miles, and the factory odometer to help me keep track of how many miles I have on the gas tank. Good Luck. DJ