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  1. slvrider

    how many huskies are there

    eric thanks for the tip. i will stop in the shop tuesday and see if they have a copy. hows the snow situation in minnesota? got enough to ride sleds yet?
  2. slvrider

    how many huskies are there

    thanks all for your replies. i spent a large part of yesterday on the phone with various manufactures trying to find these figures, and was stone walled every time. and all my other searches only yielded figures for the mainstream bikes. Im trying to find model specific info, and so far it is just units sold, world wide, north america, europe, bla bla bla, not 4589 crf 450's to usa, or whatever. I have been an avid husky rider for the last 10 years and huskies will always be my weapon of choice. and i was pretty curious to know just how they stacked up against the others as far as sales. as far a riding something that makes people say "what the hell was that" ""i don't know it went by too fast"" there is nothing like a husky. thanks again everyone for your help
  3. I am trying to find out how many bikes husky has sold in 2004, and 2005. I have been looking all day, and have not found any real figures. If anyone has seen or knows for sure how many bikes husky sold these years please let me know. thanks