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  1. Gasit

    Full Synthetic 10-40 Motor Oil

    More good reading on how multigrade oils function and how to read an oil can ... The sight has a lot of good articles on lubrication, mostlly industrial but a lot of automtoive, gas & diesel motor stuff too.. A Simple Explanation of Viscosity Index Improvers: http://www.machinerylubrication.com/Read/1327/viscosity-index-improvers How to Read an Oil Can: http://www.machinerylubrication.com/Read/171/oil-can
  2. Gasit

    Another Cam Chain Tensioner Question

    check pg 2 last post http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=772322
  3. Gasit

    Another Cam Chain Tensioner Question

    My cam is after market. Have you verified that it is not your cam sprocket moving? I've heard of the sprocket mount slipping on the cam, it is pressed on..
  4. after you write it, read it to verify
  5. Gasit

    Chain: Master Link Question

    If it's an o-ring chain, use the o-rings, must be o-ring if it came with o-rings, the stock chain is not o-ring so the manual will be no help, be sure to put the clip on forward ...
  6. Gasit

    Another Cam Chain Tensioner Question

    Yes, I welded the crank sprocket. When it slipped, I also, re-timed it a couple of times (moved the cam 1 to 2 teeth) before I figured out what was going on, as my cam was already welded and everything was new. You are correct, the only way to properly time the cam is with a degree wheel. Is your crank aftermarket or oem? mine is aftermarket. How many hours are on yours? mine was new
  7. Gasit

    Another Cam Chain Tensioner Question

    I would bet one of the gears/sprockets are moving, could be either, I've seen both.
  8. Gasit

    Left Case Cover Replace

    Yes, the number I listed is for the later models, it's the same seal though with a diffrent number, I've used both. Good luck & let us know how it goes ....
  9. Gasit

    Left Case Cover Replace

    OIL SEAL (10X21X5) Honda #91204-MEN-A31 (in the left cover seals the end of the crank) O-RING (39.8X2.2) Honda #91302-PA9-003 (for the oil filter cover)
  10. Gasit

    Spokes siezed

    We use Buchanan's stainless steel spokes & nipples, they are the best IMO
  11. Gasit

    Wow, I'm an idiot...

    been there done that seen a guy suck a rag through the top end when the motor actually fired up
  12. Gasit

    Honestly lets be real people

    You can keep the pipe, but this site does rock!
  13. Gasit

    No fuel getting to cylinder

    Had the same issue with our 09, had spark but no fuel, everthing checked ok electrically, found the pump was working (had good flow) but it wasn't building pressure, put a new pump in it & all was good...
  14. Gasit

    Wierd Lower End Noise And Oil Problem

    Did you drain the oil then refill motor & tranny with correct amount, test ride to see if it still makes the noise? It’s probably the dry tranny/clutch making the noise... as was already said You will have to replace the right side main seal to correct the oil migration... as was already said