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  1. bikehousedog

    DR350SE squeaky suspension

    I have a 95' DR350SE with the stock suspension. We you push down on the rear suspension I get a squeaking sound. I was told by someone that it was due to the polyurethane bushings on the linkage. If that is the case can I just lube the bushings, and if so with what kind of lube. Or do I need to replace something. I have lubed all of the grease fittings in the area of the linkage. Thanks
  2. bikehousedog

    Gas silling out of carb

    Thanks everyone for your input. I have never worked on a carb so I think I will play it safe and have an expert take a look at it. My choke also won't stay on unless I hold the choke lever so it is probably time for the carb to be looked at thoroughly.
  3. bikehousedog

    Gas silling out of carb

    Thanks for the help, I'll get my manual out and try and fix the problem. Assuming I didn't mess up the hoses, are the other two things you mentioned somewhat normal things that get messed up or is this a weird thing.
  4. bikehousedog

    Gas silling out of carb

    I have a 1995 DR350 SE with a Acerbis 4+ gallon tank and a stock carb. My problem is that when I move the petcock to on or res gas spills out of the card at the connection point to the air filter. Can anyone tell me what the problem is and how to solve it. Thanks
  5. bikehousedog

    Will DR350 plastic tank work on DR350S

    I have a 1995 DR350SE and I am looking at picking up a used plastic tank, I found a stock one off of a dirt 350, will it fit. Thanks
  6. bikehousedog

    How easy is it to kickstart a ttr 125

    I'm looking to buy my wife a 2001 ttr 125 and she is concerned about how hard it will be for her to kickstart. She has heard the horror stories from friends with large 4 strokers having to kick for ever to get them to start. My wife is not athletic and hasn't ridden in years so I was just wondering if guys think I need to go with e start or she can handle a kick starter. I'm leaning toward not getting e start because it is cheaper. Also if anyone in the Seattle area has a nice clean ttr 125 they want to sell shoot me a PM with the year, cost, etc. Thanks
  7. bikehousedog

    1999 xr70 for sale?

    I'm looking for an xr70. Can you give me some info about it, and are in Washington state, and if so where. What kind of shape is the bike in? Do you have the title? How much do you want for it? Thanks, John