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  1. I have an 08 with aftermarket clamps and cannot find an underbar dampner that will work with my clamps. They all seem to mount with stock. I want underbar because I am 6'5" and need the extra height. Any recs?
  2. Finally sold my KTM and riding season is here with the snow melting. Looking for a nice low hour 08 or 09 the more mods the merrier. Have cash in hand. Send me a PM if you see one or want to sell
  3. I have a close friend who I have ridden with forever who has been raving about his 08 450. I finally got to ride it yesterday and I was completely blown away. I have never ridden anything that handled like that and I was immediately comfortable instantly. I am a tall guy and have been riding ktm for a few years because of the fit so I was really suprised how well I felt right off. I was turning too tight on literally every line from being used to my old bike with total ease. I could take any line and so much faster than my ktm. Likely to pick up an 08 here locally any day now. Planning suspension, front rotor, pipe and tune. Anything else I should do?
  4. Sent you a PM. Had a similar experience where the Ranger but I was inside the park. The ranger went out of his way to ruin our group's day. He literally told me to never come back or he would arrest me. I thought about legal action or writing a litter to his boss/state/etc but I just didn't take the time. Cost me over 500 to get the bike out of the impound yard in Nephi. The Ranger was a tall slender bald guy with a mustache if that helps. I probably have his badge number.
  5. Heading to Boise to visit some family over Thanksgiving and would like to take the bike. What riding is near Boise and do you have any recommendations? I ride about 75% off road and 25% track. Thanks