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  1. I wont buy anywhere but OTD from now on. When I got my 06 the local dealer CHM said they had the last one in the state and wanted $1200 over OTD. Got my 06 for $5500 from OTD when they got 8 more in the next week. The dealers will hose you any chance they can! Same great prices for parts, oil, and gear too!
  2. Supertester

    Misc ride pic's of the 05 450X

    Thanks for the info on the block off kit! I'm in the process of doing the baffle (reattached the screen for spark arrester) and air-box mods so now my bike is popping on decel so I was going to pick up a block off kit. Maybe I should just fill the pos smog pump with JB weld. You're right, they are anal at Prarie City and Mammoth but in 6 yr's at Sugar Pine and Georgetown I've only seen one ranger. I stay away from the state parks and go to federal land where they dont hassle or charge you for riding!
  3. Supertester

    Misc ride pic's of the 05 450X

    Great pic's! Are the first pic's from Carnegie Hills? I ride mostly Sugar Pine, Georgetown, and Mammoth but have always wanted to try the hill climbs at Carnegie.
  4. Supertester

    Need recommendations for 450X battery

    Just replaced mine last month. Found that it must be the oe model YTZ7S or exact equivalent with CCA- 130. Almost got one from ebay for 250x, same size but only 80 CCA or less. Spent 20 bucks more for Yuasa ($85) over chinese generic. Bike cranks better than new especially with battery tender on it!
  5. Supertester

    2005 450x won't run above half throttle

    Glad you got your bike going again. Had the same problem with my last bike. Cleaned the carb and jets twice after it sat for months with no luck. Found the pilot jet (slow or leak) was clogged and had to be replaced. The jet was so small it couldnt be flushed or cleaned with a small enough wire or needle.
  6. Supertester

    Clutch problem?

    It sounds like the same drag that keeps it from starting in gear with the clutch pulled, just a characteristic of the bike. It's worse when it's cold and most of the time when it's warm it will start in gear.
  7. Supertester

    moose jetting kit

    Moose is just a renamed DynoJet kit like the FMF one. Had great success with DynoJet in my KLX but in my 450x it wasnt as dramatic. Maybe shoulda went with the JD.
  8. Supertester

    Bone Stock 450X Jetting

    Just got my 450x last week and had the same trouble starting hot or cold. Battery/starter was a joke. Found that pulling the choke in every situation helped. There seems to be many ways of taking care of the stock lean condition. Here's an article on the bike which covers this problem. http://www.motorsports-network.com/honda/2005mc/crf450xtec.htm Seems like the fuel screw is a big deal to be set right. I'll be trying that at least before I push the start button this weekend!