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  1. Is anyone going through Riverside anytime Wednesday? I am trying to find Phil a ride down to the race. Please call Diane at Precision Concepts (951)697-8488 if you can help!! We can meet up at the shop or anywhere else if its more convenient for you. Thanks!
  2. Good morning, my weatherman feed is silent...anybody hear anything?
  3. Thanks Scotty....way cool!!!!
  4. Robby should be texting Katie after our pit 16. He will be there and will give us a split if they can text out of there. I think that's around RM 650
  5. Okkkaaaay, this is very exciting, I hope that report is true.
  6. Got it---I missed the post 1x through at 605...11x at 610 now makes sense.
  7. 11x what (At 610 pm)?
  8. Scotty, I'm voting for history!!!...but then I may also be a little biased.
  9. thanks Scotty (lol---do you rmember? RobbY with a Y?)
  10. me too!!!
  11. Do you have a split?
  12. yippee!!
  13. sitting on pins and needles here
  14. What RM is BP4? Do you know?
  15. wish we know who else has been through