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  1. cohl

    2014 TE 250

    My understanding is the 2014 Husky plastics will fit, at east that what I planned on when I bought my 2013 TE300.
  2. cohl

    Nj/PA guys 300 xcw

    IIRC, stock was 13/50 for XCW's. I went 13/52. The XC's, which has different internal ratios for 1st and 2nd, has 14/50 stock. At 50 MPH, the RPM only increase 2-300 RPM, depending on what gear you choose.
  3. cohl

    Nj/PA guys 300 xcw

    Yea, I could have worded that better. With stock gearing, sometimes 2nd was too low and 3rd too high. Adding 2 teeth to the rear allowed me to pull 3rd gear more easily when riding tighter trails.
  4. cohl

    Nj/PA guys 300 xcw

    On my 09 XCW, I went up 2 teeth on the rear sprocket and it closed the gap between 2nd and 3rd gear very nicely. The 08 and 09 were very similar.
  5. cohl

    2013+ rear master cylinder rebuild?

    I agree. It was a solution to a problem that didn't exist.
  6. cohl

    2013+ rear master cylinder rebuild?

    I rebuilt mine. There is no clip, but a bolt/pin that hold the piston in. I got my rebuild kit from Moose/All Balls.
  7. cohl

    300 SX kit

    The SX cost less than the XC or XCW's. One of the reasons is only a 5 speed, no lighting coil, kickstand, etc. If you don't need them, why pay for them? I like the idea of new bikes, but the reality is, now that I'm in the AARP class, I can't use all the performance of a 10 year old bike. When it comes to motorcycles, they are not an investment, they are a hobby. If you can afford a new bike and have a way to reduce the cost of upgrading to newer bikes, more power to you. Enjoy.
  8. cohl

    Xr200 1/3 throttle issues. .

    If it ran fine before sitting, check your pilot jet. It's probably dirty.
  9. cohl

    85 xr200r rebuild ? before order

    Your metal crank halves are blue from heat. How's the rod and lower end bearings? With no cross hatching present in the middle of the cylinder, have it measured for piston to cylinder wall clearance.
  10. cohl

    2001 XR200 with 1986 XR250 parts?

    I used a 2001 XR250 shock. It fit at it's original length without any mods, but raised the seat way to much. To install, the only thing I had to do was remove the linkage, install the shock, and then reinstall the linkage. This shock was 14 3/4" long eye to eye. My OEM XR200 shock (2001) was 13 1/8" long eye to eye. With the XR250 shock at it's original length, the seat was raised about 5". This particular XR250 shock had a very long lower clevis. I drilled another hole in the lower clevis 3/4" up from the original hole and cut off the excess clevis material, making the shock about 14" long. The seat was not quite 4" higher now. If I had stopped here, it would have been a great balance for the 87 CR front forks I installed. The CR forks were 4" longer than the XR200 forks, but it was still a little too tall. I then had a local suspension guy install a 8mm spacer internally on the shock shaft. This shortened the shock to about 13 3/4" and the seat height is now about 2 1/2" taller than stock. I had the fork shortened 2" also with internal spacers. The suspension travel is about 10" front and rear, it would have been 12" if I didn't have to shorten the forks or shock.
  11. cohl

    Kreft Moto

    I had Adam at Kreft revalve the shock on my 2013 TE 300 and am very pleased with the results. I've tried other company's with other bikes and Kreft has been the best so far.
  12. cohl

    08 300xc project/advice

    Respring the suspension for your weight, if you want more, have them revalved. For the engine I prefer the red power valve spring, about one turn inwards. Others prefer the green or yellow. It only takes a few minutes to change, so try them all and pick the one you like. After proper jetting, try a head mod where the squish band is optimized. The cost is about $60. Also swapping the CDI with one form a SX model will give you more snap.
  13. cohl

    Exhaust system for my 2014 300xc-w

    With my XCW adding 2 teeth to the rear sprocket solved my problem. Take a few minutes to tune your power valve. Try one turn in and one turn out to see the difference. I ended up one turn in with the red spring.
  14. cohl

    Ktm 550 restore!

    I know the power my 440 had, I can't imagine what a 550 can do. Have fun.
  15. cohl

    Ktm-parts.com shopping experience.

    +2 on Cyclebuy.com I bought my 2013 TE300 used from a local dealer, and initially I wasn't sure if the dealer had the owners/parts manuals. I contacted Cyclebuy and they sent me the manuals electronically. I've made several purchases since I bought the bike and the parts were in stock and shipped immediately.