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  1. haole

    YZ 1/4 turn race throttle mod

    I loved this mod on my streetbike and gotta try it on the 450. Never seen the pvc trick though, thanks dude.
  2. haole

    06 YZ 450 Jetting

    all those mains sound way too lean for an 06. try the 48 pilot first, that should help. which needle is it?
  3. unless you wanted to take apart the gate and reinforce it you could bolt/rivet a piece of aluminum L channel along the top. Or just shove a piece of 1/2" plywood or a 2x4 under the tires from now on to distribute the load when hauling bikes. the new tacoma tailgates are just as bad
  4. haole

    Cleaner spray help!!

    Plexus is awesome at plastic some moto shops have it but you can get it at aircraft spruce
  5. Seriously, the first time I changed the oil, it blew a huge bubble of oil out of the dipstick hole. I was like
  6. haole

    Torn Labrum Recovery Time?

    Dang, and I was stoked it could be done arthroscopically because I thought the recovery would be faster, but thanks for the setting me straight! Question though, is having it out of the sling and put to slight use (nothing overhead or stressing the labrum) bad for recovery too?
  7. I recently had arthroscopic surgery to fix a torn labrum in the front of my shoulder (inferior, Bankart style injury). The surgery went very well and my shoulder feels amazingly good for only having surgery 2 weeks ago. Personally I think he is an excellent doctor and did a fantastic job, but the only problem is that I think he is very conservative about my recovery. He wants me to wear the sling for at least another 3 weeks (I have already stopped using it), not start physical therapy until the middle of next week, and last he says it will be 6 months before I can ride without risk of jacking it up again easily. The reason I am posting is because I have heard that a full recovery can occur in half that time, and was hoping to hear some real experiences from those who have had similar operations. Thanks
  8. just as an aside fox racing and fox racing shox are two completely different companies that share a similar name.
  9. haole

    Shoulder Problems

    thanks for the link and info that subluxation seems to be it as the pain is not chronic, but certain motions just feel very unstable. At least I have a better feeling about what I am dealing with, Thanks. Hopefully the docs at UC San Diego will know what they are doing
  10. haole

    Shoulder Problems

    Ok so recently both my shoulders have been giving me problems. Both have been injured in the past by impact type injuries. The right used to be way worse but the left has been getting just as bad most likely due to compensating for the right. The range of motion is good even though there is a fair amount of grindage/popping, but in certain movements like throwing a baseball or swinging my arm while extended my shoulder straight up gives out and feels like it rotates out of joint. It hurts pretty good when that happens and then it aches for a day or so, and when it happens on a ride my day it pretty much done. I am planning on seeing a doctor very soon, just figured I'd check if this was something others have gone through, and if surgery was the only option or if working out those exterior rotator muscles would fix it. Thanks for any help