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  1. Mike Komer @ tryals shop in Locke NY used to sell a spark arrestor unit for the 315. The only problem was to repack you had to cut the end off and reweld. I have a used 1 if interested send me a pm
  2. Harry's trials shop 916 200 8631 c.h, calif
  3. I am a gasgas dealer and would gladly take your SCORPA in on trade! I am in california, send me a private email and if I can help Igladly will thanks Hap
  4. Call me and we'll get U going.............
  5. they make it quicker to steer narrower and more comfortable for me personally as they are taller. Don't need to change clampos as they come with fat bars from factory...... Fester should have them mid week
  6. They are MAGURA trials bars......... oem on the 99 BETA techno first 1 with fat bars. They are almost a 6" rise bar. work great for me!
  7. come on fes U have that hopped up TLR200.... just got a 04 280cc there's fun! U need to check it out.....I'd like the 01 200 for that smae reasons as everyone else, but the 06 if it has the 225 topend would be the way to go as its lighter and much more powerful! Wondering if the plastic base ring works with the 225 kit?....... fes alos where U been.....sold the ty175,but now theres the PAMPERA
  8. Just picked up an 04 GASGAS pampera. 280cc quiet,powerful,and a ton of fun to ride. Took it in trade, need to move fast contact off the list if interested. Titled and Green sticker registration here in Beautiful California.............wish I could keep but kids new trials bike on the way!! btw everything works,lights, horn, IRC TRO11 rear tire and FMF spark arrestor
  9. have an 07 txt250cc pro I'd take the honda in partial trade towards the 4250 I'm after 4 gasser....send me a pm if interested
  10. I have a 1988 Merlin DG88 Eddy Lejeune replica. It is 1 of 6 brought into USA in 88 Merlin Factory was bought by a very small m/c company with a real funny name GASGAS! dual disc mono shock mag wheel......I have alway thought of it as the Ferrari of trials bike. I would sell if things are right!! Great runner 2 owner bike. send me a PM and I'll get you a couple of photos.......thanks festa... PS. I have all NEW plastic including nos tank,seat base,seat cushion front fender and rear fender,crank,rings maybe a piston and a bunch of odds and ends. thanks for the interest Hap
  11. Call Mike Komer @ the tyrals shop in NY 315 209 4907 i think
  12. Fester thanks for all the atta boys!! I installed a SRT 2 stage ignition on my son's bike along with the carbonfiber goodies,pipe gaurd,tank cover.....the ignition makes a huge difference very pricey @590 euros but almost as quick as 2t. Runs freakin wicked. It was cool to watch harry ride at Donner this summer pickn apart the 07 WCT sections on a 4t.........also useing Boysen high volume h2o pump and reuseable oilfilter. Have contacts in finland for works SCORPA parts and and all contact off the list please!! thanks Hap
  13. I've got a couple of those lying around here as well...............pat call me
  14. Yeah the Honda site is cool we are woking to see how many HRC RS250tas (83,84) were actually built. there's 10 in the US and maybe only 90 elsewhere in the world! Jim Evans Honda-trials in working on a data base and Metal makers Brian Robinson has a great site as well. Also would love to get some pics of any Hondas out there as I can't find much/any info on a recently aquired RSC 220cc. vintage is 79ish..................Hap
  15. I know of a red no decal fender wanting to be sold! email me off the list