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  1. The ground/rider/bike is all just regular ole' paint. I just used a really tiny brush to get the knobies and other little details. There was a picture in TWMX that inspired me to do it.
  2. How 'bout a watercolor instead?? Did this back in 9th grade. I used to have some pretty good sketches too but I've misplaced them over the years. Maybe I'll bust the pencils out and draw something new soon, I've been wanting to do one of McGrath for a while now.
  3. I_Sneebarted

    YZ125 not shifting to 6th?

    Nuh-uh. From what I read about YZs before I bought the bike in 07, I always thought it was only a 5 speed. It wasn't until a little over a year ago that I read that the 05s and up had the 6 speed tranny, so I musta' been looking at outdated info. As far as I know, the bike never shifted into 6th as long as I had it-- but there weren't any abusers before I got a hold of it, bought it new.
  4. I_Sneebarted

    YZ125 not shifting to 6th?

    Today I took my bike out to a nice wide open area down the road to break-in the top-end I just finished, and I realized my bike doesn't shift into sixth. I've had this bike for two years now, but mainly ride tight trails and the track and have never had a need for it until now... but it's like it isn't even there! I also geared my bike down one tooth just to try it out, and now I could see myself needing that extra gear sometime. The bike itself is only on it's fresh second top end and the oils always been really clean. Only thing I can think of is when I was wheeling over a tree in second gear tapped shortly after I got the bike, a vine snagged my shifter and bent my shift shaft pretty nasty. It's been replaced, along with an 07 shift stopped thrown in... but don't see how that coulda' hurt it any. Oh, and I guess it's a good idea to mention that it shifts through the rest of the gears flawlessly, which makes this even weirder. Any ideas?
  5. I_Sneebarted

    Red seat covers????

    I thought a red seat cover would look pretty gnar with the graphics I'm looking at right now for my YZ125. Problem is, the only one I know of that is offered for newer YZs is the one that comes on the white retro kit... and not really a fan of it. Anyone know of any others, or maybe if a CR cover can be made to work on a YZ??
  6. I_Sneebarted

    It's gonna be fun diggin' this screw out...

    Wow, didn't expect you guys to be this helpful... haha. I'm going to try your idea first RC considering I already got all that stuff layin' around the garage. If that doesn't work, I forgot about harbor freight... maybe they got the impact driver I need. Thanks a lot!
  7. I_Sneebarted

    It's gonna be fun diggin' this screw out...

    That's what someone else told me. Never used one before though, can you attach them to a drill? 'Cause this things gonna' be a pain to turn, so it appears.
  8. I_Sneebarted

    It's gonna be fun diggin' this screw out...

    yeah, I'm in the process of fixing it right now... lol. Must be a size limit now? Give me a sec.
  9. Went out riding after work last week to wind down and ride a few wheelies when I realized shortly into my session, there was a nasty bog where the powerband used to be. My jetting has always been near spot on so I figured it was time to check out the powervalve, being that after that ride I planned on re-doing the top end anyways. Tore everything down, got the jug off, and found this when I told the PV cover off: http://img22.imageshack.us/i/img0150ir.jpg/ As ya can see one of the dowels is sticking out the wrong side of the valve and one was just kinda rolling around inside of there. Not sure how it all came un-done but the valves needed cleaning anyways, so I decided to take apart the whole assembly. And here's where I ****ed up: http://img820.imageshack.us/i/img0152m.jpg/ Couldn't find an impact driver anywhere that small enough to fit, So I found the biggest phillips screwdriver I could get that fit the screw just right and gave it a really good twist. Never slipped, just gutted the head from twisting it so hard... and the damn screw didn't budge at all! So what should I do? Thought about slotting it with a dremel but considering how tight that spot is, that just sounds like more bad news to come. usually pretty good about not stripping things out so this is new territory for me.
  10. I_Sneebarted

    Sixsixone Nitro Knee Guards? Who's tried 'em??

    Yeah man, I agree with you. I'll probably just go with the force guards like I originally planned to now that you mention that-- my calves aren't that swole so probably won't be an issue. Well, they're the sweetest pair of boots I've worn so far. I think they've made a few updates to the newer ones (mine are about 3 years old) but thanks to the ankle pivots, the boots already feel broken in when you get 'em and are super comfortable all around. I haven't really crash tested them to test their limits, but they seem real solid. Only complaint is on the older ones like mine, the silvery "tounge" part gets worn off by the straps kinda' easily, but it's not that noticable and I'm sure it's been fixed by now. I'll probably be buying another pair next year, so yeah... you'll probably be pleased with them.
  11. lol... great stories. One day me and a buddy decided to drive about 6 hours to South Conroe Texas and ride at Three Palms moto park, camp over night, and ride all the next day before going home. SO many tracks... all in one place, so naturally I unloaded and geared up faster than ever when we arrived. When I sat on my bike and gave it a few kicks, I quickly realized something was wrong because it ALWAYS started on the first or second kick. This turned into hours of trying to figure out what the deal was, kicking the &%*& out of it, flooding it, turning it upside down and removing the plug to let all of the flooded fuel out of the engine, put it back in... kick some more-- all while my friend was out riding and having a wicked good time. I tried everything, rode his bike for about 30 minutes (it's a four stroke, just not the same. ) , went out on town for the night, and came back only to stay up until about 2am that morning pushing my bike up a huge hill to try and bump start it on the way down-- all to no avail. So I ended up going to sleep completely exhausted and pissed off. That morning when I woke up, upon climbing out of the tent and looking at my bike-- I was horrified of what I had just remembered. I took off the seat, removed the filter, and yanked a red shop rag out of the airbox boot that I had stuffed in there a few days earlier while washing the bike. slapped it all back together, threw a leg over it and it starts first kick. Luckily I was too stoked to finally be able to ride my own bike that it kind of dwarfed my frustration with my ree-reeness.
  12. I'm looking for a comfortable pair of knee guards under $100 that offer the best protection for the money. I initially was gonna' go with the Thor Force guards, but read that they don't fit well in the SG-10s. I noticed the Nitro guards look decent; and appear less less bulky too, but they're fairly new and can't find any reviews. So who has them, and what do ya think? Also if there is a good pair that I'm overlooking, feel free to tell me about them.
  13. I_Sneebarted

    1987 Kawasaki 650 KLR Ranch Model (large photo)

    At first I was laughing until I read on and realized you were serious. Now I'm just kind of creeped out. Is the "triangle ranch" even real or is it just a place you constructed in your mind through youtube videos? If you get outside anytime soon, consider finding some human contact beyond the forum rather than stalking your pets.
  14. I_Sneebarted

    C or D class

    I'd say C if you think you're faster than the average D rider. Might not do as well overall, but at least the faster guys will push you to improve faster rather than just putting around with the full-on beginners. Really comes down to want you want to do though.
  15. "don't go putting narrower bars on it, ride the tracks first and see how you go first. biggest thing is take it easy to start off with, i see a lot of mx guy's try to bury the bike deep into turns and pwoer out when they start riding off road and it leads to some very embarresing momesnts for them, keep a nice flowing rythem going, and keep the corner speed up, ride smooth and in control and you'll be fine." I guess I did give the impression that I don't do any trail riding as of right now, but the truth is I grew up riding trails and have only been doing MX for about a year and a half-- great advice though! I've always ran smaller bars and handguards on my bikes cause the countless trees and looming vines of swampy Louisiana are always ready to snatch or smack your bars. No rocks around here though, so at least I don't have to worry about a skid plate as much, maybe a pipe guard eventually. I've kind of grown accustomed to the wide un-cut pro-tapers I'm running right now on the track, but at 5'7 my smaller frame probably won't miss an inch or so off each side. I didn't even consider just running handguards all the time... it's just not a common sight around here, but now that you all mention the benefits it makes sense now that I think of it. I'll just try that out and if I don't like it I can always just buy another pair of bars. Oh and I did lower the fork fluid by about 15cc when I recently did my seals... still works good on the track, if not better. Would probably still back off on some of the clickers a bit before I ride into the brush. BTW I'll check out those G2 busters Jeekinz. The acerbis ones I had on my last bike rotated around a lot when they made bark contact, and were an all around pain in the ass. Great bar setup advice too. Thanks for all the help my dudes.