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  1. liquide

    Indiana tracks to ride???

    What Part OF Indiana? North or south ? There a Track Near Evansville http://www.ladirtriders.com/warrickmx.htm And If anyone knows of other tracks near evansville or near Jasper IN let me know thanx Liquide OUt
  2. liquide

    Cutting of Air Box

    Kewl Thanx alot James , well i was just wondering too would a over oiled filter make alot of smoke of my ass end of a 2 smoke , just Curoius on that
  3. liquide

    Cutting of Air Box

    Thanx Yea i thought it might be a Problem Using that K&N but wasnt sure i have a K&N in my Mustang 5.0 , OK any Recomends ON a good Foam filter OIL , you say UNI brand no good ok let me know
  4. liquide

    Cutting of Air Box

    Thanx Burned and Premix, Yea i thought it was a bad Idea. I do run smaller gear tooth on front sprocket a 12 tooth and stock in Rear I run Primary Drive Sprockets all steel the Renthal got ate up too much and primary drive ones are cheap. I also run the Primary Drive Racing Chain cheap to 35.00.. Im gonna EXP with the 40:1 Ratio, i been running the 32:1 I Ussally run KLotz TechniPlate with 20% Benol castor oil in It. I was Curious too i read that someone Over Oiled there Air filter, but it was on a 4 stroke. what happens if you over oil on a two stroke does it just burn up in there like Burned said i might have tranny fluid burning in my crank case, due to a miss alighned center gasket. cuz i rubuilt the whole bottom end run wisco crank and Wiseco piston. I use K&N filter oil and Cleaner with a UNI filter is that a bad Idea? My bike is a little Smoky now maybe to rich on gas mix and i thought maybe after i read about the Over Oiled air filter might be cause of smoky Exaust. OK thanx for Tips Liquide OUt for Now
  5. Yoyoyo I was thinking of Cutting the air box of my cr125 i read alot of the TT here cut theres to 3x3 , im sure this will effect my JD jetting i had orig done . My question is i know it allows more air in means now my carb needs more Fuel, so i guessing a richer jetting is needed. I use the white needle now from JD and using 170 Main and 50 PJ . should i test using that setting first and see whatt i get and how Bike Performs. Let me know Liquide out
  6. Does anyone know if theres a aftermarket air screw kit , jd jetting doesnt seem to stock one for a 1996 cr125 PJ keihn let me know if you know anyplaces i can find one my is giving me a little trouble i just dont think its right bike wont run at 1 3/4 turns out Revs like a maniac let me know if know of a place tha sells that part. Thanx Liquide out Oh i also wanted to ask , should i cut my air box opening any using the jd kits , i see alot of dudes on here are running there air box at 3"x3" mine is stock right now wondering if that will help with my air screw prob and why my bike revs like crazy at 1 3/4 turns out unless i do have a air leak in case likne burned might have mentioned and i read that in my Manual also. ok let me know later
  7. JD Jetting Says to Use White needle for cold Temps and use 170 Main to start withand 3rd clip and follow you manual on turns out of air jet screw, but that could be way diffrent when you use the JD Kit However i dont know what your bike is stock. My Cr125 Is 172 main 50 pilot and 3rd on clip Stock from Factory But now im using white needle now i tried red and blue no good. im using 170 main but might go down to 165 main or up the clip one notch. Cuz White needle is rich for Cold temps. let me know if you tried white needle ok peace out good luck Jetting can be very touchy as we all know
  8. liquide

    Sprocket cover bolts

    Thanx alot bro that is exactly waht i needed that Mr cycle has the parts , Thanx again
  9. liquide

    Sprocket cover bolts

    My Cover is a one part item my bikes a 96 cr125 are you talking about a 2 part deal on the newer bikes please advise , i can see rocks and sticks getting caught in there.
  10. Anyone know what size bolts hold sprocket cover in place for 96 cr125 i cant seem to locate them on OEM parts sites and thumper Oem parts only go back to 98 cr125 let me know if you can find the sizes its two bolts or direct me to a microfiche and i can check and order thanx alot My bike never had the cover and i found one on ebay but it didnt come with the bolts i need
  11. liquide

    best oil brand

    I Run KLOTZ techniplate burns very nice , I use to use the Honda HP2 really was Oily , I run 32:1 however i was gonna bump to 40:1 cuz my bike runs a little rich as it is im still EXP with JD Jetting needles and and main combos Anybody ever Run the Klotz BENOL 100% Castor oil im wondering how that runs any better then the Klotz techniplate that has 20% castor oil ok Peace Liquide Out 96 CR125R
  12. Thats exactly what i thought , cuz in my book everything does look and inter change the same except of course the motor which you probally could bolt a 250 right in that cr125 Frame Correct me if im wrong Bros Thanx Liquide out
  13. Does anyone know if this spark arrestor would fit on a cr125 I looked at the bend looks the same as far as i can tell Pro Circuit U.S.D.F. approved spark arrestor made for 92-96 Honda CR250R Let me know if you know if you think it would fit , it was a good deal for one on ebay and i dont want to spend 140.00 for new thanx I run the Pro Circuit Works Pipe on this bike 1996 cr125 the guy said if i can fit a stock silencer on my bike this would fit Ok later on bros
  14. liquide

    2 Smokey 96 CR126

    Does a Leak down tester test for those kind of leaks or just a air leak please advise thanx
  15. liquide

    2 Smokey 96 CR126

    Ok ill get new gasket and break case and reseal ok thanx for the tips. which means now damn ill have to pull Motor again ahhh welll im getting good at that LOL thanx again