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  1. Navaho6

    Yz450f aluminum dust in oil

    I recently researched this same topic after I started looking closely at my oil (KTM 450 EXC). In all the threads I found, not one person ever found anything wrong with their motor. I'm talking about fine non-magnetic dust in small quantities. I just had my 450 completely rebuilt, top and bottom. The first oil change had the same quantity and size of particles in it. BTW, I am using paper filters. The only thing that I found when inspecting the motor before the rebuild was some wear on the the clutch basket where the springs were rubbing. This definitely could explain some of it. The clutch basket has about 500 hours of use. I'm still using it.
  2. Navaho6

    Tell me about your YZ450FX

    Tell me about engine vibrations in the handlebars. How smooth is the motor? I've had problems with numb/tingling hands for years. I am a lot more sensitive to engine vibes than anyone I ride with. My '09 YZ450F gave me problems. My 2017 KTM 300 does not, thanks to the well-designed counterbalancer. I read that the YZFX has a bigger counterbalancer than the YZ.
  3. Navaho6

    Tell me about your YZ450FX

    I am hoping that the 2019 changes may improve handling issues. How does the bike feel compared to the older (pre-2010) YZ's? I thought that my 2009 was very rigid. Not much frame flex. What is the best fuel mileage you've ever gotten?
  4. I am considering the YZ450FX as my next trail bike. If you own one, what do you like about it? What do you not like about it? What could be improved? I sold a highly modified (for woods) YZ450 a year ago and bought a new KTM 2-stroke. I soon realized that I had made a mistake. I am a 4-stroke man.
  5. Navaho6

    Handlebar Vibration

    I've tried a lot of things over the past 10 years and Vibranators have been the most effective by far. Tried and tossed Flexxbars, Faast inserts, barsnake, rubber mounts, BB's etc. http://www.vibranator.com/category_s/51.htm
  6. Navaho6

    Post your woods built YZ's

    2009 450 18" rear 13:51 gearing Factory Connection revalve Boyesen Supercooler water pump Coolant catch tank WR450 header Heavy flywheel Rekluse Core EXP 3.0 (not shown) Scotts steering damper Motion Pro T3 slidelight clutch cable FMF Power Core Rad guards Handguards Skid plate Kickstand 252 lbs wet
  7. Navaho6

    YZ450 in the woods? You bet !

    My '09 450F(X) with kickstand, 18' rear wheel, barkbusters, hvy dty rad guards, steering damper, skid plate, catch tank, O-ring chain weighs 252 lbs with full tank. I imagine that if I set the FX up the same, it would be well over 270 lbs. It better hide it's weight real good to be worth the extra coin for e-start.
  8. Navaho6

    Anyone pick up a 450FX yet?

    Monk, what year YZ do you have? I am on a 2009 450 and it is about 23 lbs lighter than my old WR. I ask because some say that the FX does not feel as heavy as it is. My 2013 WR didn't hide the weight at all, especially through the rough sections. A comment from one of the magazines was that the FX felt lighter than the KTM XC even though it weighs almost 20 lbs more!
  9. Navaho6

    Anyone pick up a 450FX yet?

    On Rockymountainatv, Renthal Gen 2 Intellilever is the same part # for the F and the FX - 1345440003
  10. Navaho6

    Anyone pick up a 450FX yet?

    How does the FX feel in the tight woods? I sold my 2013WR because of the heavy feel. The FX is a little lighter but that's with no add-on's
  11. Navaho6

    Do you like the 09 yz450f?

    I bought a 2009 from a friend who had it set up really good for woods. It took some $ to get it right but it is a fine trail bike, best I've ever ridden. The only thing I miss is electric start but it starts easy, hot or cold. With a full tank of gas it weighs 250 lbs loaded with everything you could want on a woods bike. Mods include radiator guards, hand guards, kickstand, coolant catch bottle, alum. skidplate, 18" rear wheel, heavy flywheel weight, o-ring chain, 18" rear wheel, Factory Connection revalve, Boyesen Supercooler oversized water pump, Scotts steering damper, and most importantly a Rekluse Core Exp 3.0 autoclutch. The autoclutch really helps tame the beast. I still use the clutch lever a lot so I installed a Motion Pro T3 Slidelight clutch cable which lightened the pull a considerable amount. The Rekluse prevents stalling which was a problem without it. The bike has never overheated on me but I keep it moving. I think the oversize water pump helps. I occasionally boiled the gas but installed a heat shield under the tank and that cured it.
  12. Navaho6

    Anyone pick up a 450FX yet?

    What is your preference between the 250FX and 450FX on tight single track ???
  13. Best thing you can do to a YZ for woods application....after suspension revalve.
  14. Navaho6

    Rekluse Core EXP Auto-Clutch

    Best thing you do to a 450 MX woods bike.
  15. Navaho6

    New WR450 or YZ450FX?

    I had a '13 WR that was tricked out and I have ridden the FX. The FX is sportier, and it would be my choice for most situations. If you want a torque motor and don't care about shaving seconds, get the WR. I sold my WR after riding a YZ modified for woods.