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  1. trainwreck117

    06 450 does It have a ?

    Really the manual does not call out rubber mounts in its exploded view. I may have to go take my bars off and have a look.
  2. trainwreck117

    Best mod (on a budget)

    take that money and spend on a mx school
  3. trainwreck117

    Any east coast 450's yet?

    I live in north Texas and picked mine up (blue) yesterday I plan on riding today
  4. trainwreck117

    Has the YZ450 SE Bob Hannah been released yet?

    a guy on another site said he got a SE last wensday in north Texas
  5. trainwreck117

    How much did you pay for your 2006 YZ450F

    Or come with a BJ
  6. trainwreck117

    Dammed Dunlop! 756 RR's

    what about the 742f I thought it was built to go with a 756 rear?
  7. trainwreck117


    what about the Dallas area? I don't how much longer I can hold out
  8. trainwreck117

    How much did you pay for your 2006 YZ450F

    6800 OTD so what if you spend a little more now, if the reports a right you won't have to spend any money on the suspension or triple clamps bars..... that can add up quick. So take the previous models say you got one for 6000 OTD by the time you do the sus. and bars triple clamps your at 6500-7000. It all equals out in the end.