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  1. hell yeah, thanks man, I was wondering when you were going to upload the next round!!
  2. maughanster

    Shifter length on an '06

    hammerhead shifters
  3. maughanster

    Klx,drz 110 Copys?

    the pitster X2R is the only way to role
  4. maughanster

    Video of New Pitster Pro X2R

    were you running the 14"-12" tire combo?
  5. maughanster

    New X2R Pitster Pro..

    What's the wheel base on the x2r and x3r, are they the same? It looks like the x2r is longer.
  6. maughanster

    New Pitster Pro X3r Pictures!!

    anyone have specs on the new pitsters? Are they the same price?
  7. maughanster

    Jeremy and the holeshot!! anyone?

    ok here http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f310/maughanster1/2006-01-17_0018.jpg
  8. maughanster

    Jeremy and the holeshot!! anyone?

    I have a picture of it, but I don't know how to post a picture.