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  1. vettechic

    Looking for Female Riders in FL

    I'm on the South East coast. Do you ever ride Ocala? Always looking for ladies to ride with!
  2. vettechic

    Highland Park Ladies Spa Day

    Have any you been to Highland Park in Georgia to ride? It's a lot of fun, I've been several times. Well they have a Ladies Spa Day that looks as if it would be a lot of fun. Next one is June 7th anyone interested? Anyone been yet? Here's the info........ Let me know what you all think LADIES SPA DAY AT HIGHLAND PARK RESORT - The first Saturday of every other month, festivities start at 10am! - Beginning Dec 1, 2007, then Feb 2, 2008, April 5, June 7, Aug 2, Oct 4, Dec 6 - Come meet other women that ride - Special riding skills class for women only - Organized rides with a coach/guide - Help with bike set up It's a chance for the girls to get together and have some fun, and learn some things that will make them better, more confident riders. The emphasis will be on fun. We'll do something new at each Spa Day, so each one will be different from the last. Don't miss out on these Spa Days - they are guaranteed to be a lot of fun! We start at 10am, break for lunch at 12:30 and resume at 1:30, ending around 3pm.
  3. vettechic

    Florida riders??????

    Where do you and your husband ride? Have you ever been to Tate's Hell National Forest in north Fl?
  4. vettechic

    Florida riders??????

    We do ride in Florida! It's just in the sand. For the most part we ride in Ocala National Forest, miles of ORV trails. I prefer Georgia/Tenn riding but Ocala is 3 hours from the house vs 10hours.
  5. vettechic

    OK ladies...help a sista' out...

    I love heels and will wear them until I no longer can, just survived two knee surgeries and I'm back in em. Now don't get me wrong I love my boots too. But for high heel comfort you need Insolia Inserts, awesome,you don't even know you have them on, look for them in the Pharmacy.
  6. vettechic

    Hare Scramble

    Congrats girlfriend you completed your first HS! You did great, and the next one you'll do even better..............good job, hurt foot and all.
  7. vettechic

    To rekluse or not to rekluse

    I gotta go with to Rekluse, actually Rev-Loc is what I have on my CRF230. No problem with the clutch, but it definitley improved my riding. Being uh-um 40 something and blowing out my ACL last year I am all for making it easier. I'm stictly a trail rider and love the rocky,mountain terrain which I gotta say the Rev-Loc is awesome in these conditions. 250 is coming soon and it too will have one. To each his own!
  8. vettechic

    Looking for suggestions...

    Hehe you are right there is not a single rock climb in Florida only a bunch of sand, do most of my riding north of here. Windrock, Tenn, also love Durhamtown in Georgia.
  9. vettechic

    Looking for suggestions...

    When I learned to ride I used the clutch and about 6 months ago got the RevLoc (similar to Rekluse) for my CRF230, all I can say is WOW. Rock climbs and single track will never be the same again, really improved my riding. I say learn both just because you never know.
  10. vettechic

    forks revalved... feels like a sportster

    the problem is with the rear spring. way too soft. when you load the suspension it will cause the tail to set too low, causing the front to go long changing the dynamic trail too much, when you load the front more you dynamicaly reduce the trail causing the bike to turn better. by adding more spring to the rear it will hold the rear up and keep the geometry correct. also a heaver spring with less preload will be "softer" than a light spring with more preload. when you reduced the comp in the front this allowed the front to set lower in the turn, basicaly a band aid for the problem. also if you open the comp too much the forks will blow through the stroke hitting the bottom and giving you a harse ride. when you stand on the pegs you are changing the center of gravity, once again a good band aid. remember extra trail will make the bike harder to steer and hold down in the turn. get your shock revalved and resprung for you weight, add the comp back to the front and the bike will be much better.
  11. vettechic

    2007 SORCS Schedule

    is there an offical web site?
  12. vettechic

    What Do You Drive?

    The Porsche definitely handles better than the Vette, but the HP is all that. I gave up speed in the car when I gave up racing, now I enjoy the dirt! No tickets there..............
  13. vettechic

    What Do You Drive?

    I get to drive the fast cars, 2002 Porsche Boxster and 2005 C6 Corvette while my boyfriend gets to drive the practical vehicles Ford F350 and Ford Ranger. Sometimes though, I share,especially since he transports the bikes Dream car is a Ferrari BB512
  14. vettechic

    ladies, what goggles are you wearing?

    No fogging or slipping with my Oakleys, also a nice comfy fit on my nose.
  15. vettechic

    Female body armor

    I didn't start to ride until I was 40, so there is no such thing as a late start. I love my CRF230 too. As for chest protectors I wear Thor Aftershock the adult size is for 100lbs-200lbs. So pretty much a good fit for women too.