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  1. get hd clutch springs 110 motors are extremely simple, if you've done a motor before don'be afraid to tear into a 110.. real simple
  2. excellent crank, i run one. like said above, the twobros is the same.
  3. ill be there, gonna try to race them all
  4. tokyo mods is the only one worth your money
  5. the 08's and 09's have updated output shafts, otherwise there mostly the same. the output shaft can be broken on any engine, it depends on how you ride it. i still have the stock shaft in my 134 that i ride very hard, and its fine. the problem with them is they have a little hole drilled into them for oil, and the extra stress from the big bore, or whatever it is your running, puts to much on it and it cracks it. i just replaced my friends with an 08 shaft.
  6. any year ktm swingarm will fit i have done it before. what you need to do is 1. shorten the swingarm to a +3 length 2. cut out half moon cuts into the swingarm, weld in the pieces that hold the bearings in straight (easier when you mock it on the bike and tack weld it in place) 3. stretch the swingarm on both arms infront of the shock mount wide enough to fit the klx frame 4. move the shock mount over an inch think it was 5. fabricate an upper shock mount or buy one (i make / sell adjustable ones if your interested) 6. paint/powdercoat and rip!
  7. they're really easy, and there is only 2 haha
  8. when running, squirt it at the spots where (for example) the manifold bolts to the head, and if it idles better than you know theres a leak there. the valves could be it too like stated above
  9. hasn't been one of these in awile.. lets see what everyones look like heres mine, 05 drz110
  10. snag a works shock for the back, and put in stiffer springs up front with new oil and maybe dampening rods. thatll be good for what your doing
  11. the kick start gear seems to be grinding because it cant turn over the output shaft. check and see if thats broken by popping the clutch cover off, and if you pull the basket off, to the left about an inch there should be a bearing in the case. pull away the shift mechanism and you should see the end of the output shaft in the bearing, try to pull out the peice (should be about an inch long) and if it comes out your shaft is broken and needs to be replaced. to replace you need to split the cases.
  12. theres a few rear end options you can do. i run a brand x +3 "big bike style" swingarm with an ishock MBvert shock. i make adjustable upper shock mounts that mimic the big minis, sano, and bbr style billet mounts. mine are steel and adjustable. works with any swingarm/shock set up. you can go with a big minis, reeg mx, bbr, sano, brand x minis, KTM65 (need swingarm modification) and same for kx65. oro you can go A-frame style with sano, two bros etc.. you can pick from LT or std. travel, although lt is better its more expensive
  13. its either the auto clutch adjustment, or bad plates adjust and replace the plates and try it.
  14. oh yeah, one more thing. you might have a vaccum leak somewhere, check all the intake system and connections to see if they're tight. when its running spray brake cleaner or something like that on the areas where (for example) the manifold bolts to the head. i had an air leak in mine before i went to a 26mm carb, and it would not idle unless i put the idle screw so far in it was almost half throttle.
  15. theres a few things you can try. 1. shim the needle with a 1mm washer. your elevation/climate could be the cause of you needing to adjust 2. your main jet could be slightly clogged because the needle which controls idle runs through the main. your needle jet also might be clogged. 3. you need to adjust the A/F accordingly, stock is 1 1/4 out for a good start. 4. your pilot may need to be a size bigger. good luck