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  1. Thats soooo chill! lol Talk about Bling Bling! Yeah how much does it cost?
  2. Ehh? Does any one have some sugestions?
  3. Thanks
  4. Well I'm starting to hate the pink! lol I'm gonna tone it down a bit and ill repost another pic. Its just tooo much pink for a big bike! but I know she'll like it.
  5. Exactly:( I revised the green.
  6. looks good man
  7. meh i didnt do to hott of a job on this one but you get the idea.
  9. I took this from pitsterpro.com. NOT TRYING TO START COPYRIGHT PROBLEMS! Anyway I am starting to get a hang of photoshop and I thought it looked pretty sweet as a kawi green. What you guys think? Should I try any other colors?
  10. Lol Yeah I let her know that all the time!, but you can understand its her baby basicly. So I dont blame her and she wasnt even the one to mess her bike up.(her brother decided to screw around with it) Im gonna show her tomarrow and Ill let you all know how she liked it.
  11. i agree nick
  12. http://www.adobe.com/downloads/ i just downloaded the free 30 day trail
  13. Well I some-what agree and disagree with you. I have my yzf(blue plastics) and yeah they can wear out pretty quick and they do crease to white but i fall alot! haha Like really I fall almost everytime and my plastics are doing just fine nothing really too noticeable other than a few scratches. So, I guess I've just been lucky so far:applause:
  14. lol Yeah she really likes pink and dont sweat it about dumping money into it. The bike isnt as bad as she thinks and i know a lot of people who can give me great deals on parts and anodizing (spelled that wrong?)so I'm not worried. You're right about the whole color pink thing' it would look funny on a mini or something im deffinately not a fan of pink on a big bike, but its not mine so owell I'll still back her up about it. Thanks for all the good feed back on here!
  15. Thanks girls im really hoping she likes the color..she was way bummed when her bike got trashed so maybe it will cheer her up:thumbsup: