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  1. NESC810

    Gas comming out of the carb overflow

    Had this problem a couple of times, once with a 05 rmz and once with a 06 crf and both times i tried hitting the bowl like everyone says hoping that would work (since both times i was on may to go riding). I pulled the carb apart and found that float needle had crap built up on it causing it to stick. cleaned it with a 3m pad and no more leaking. By the way at the time it happened both bikes were new and gas was not sitting to long i tank.
  2. NESC810

    08 Valve knock when cold

    Ill check the weight i dont remeber, just didnt think either way it would allow it to knock that long but ill look. When i checked the valves the bike was cold as i had just got done with a bunch of other maint. things befor i checked them.
  3. NESC810

    08 Valve knock when cold

    I was wondering if anyone else has heard this when bike is started in cold weather (under 40 degrees). I run honda engine oil recomended by my local honda dealer which i have ran in both my 03 and 06 450's without this problem. Knocking stops after a 30 seconds (sometimes less if its warmer out) but does not sound good while it is waiting for the oil up at the valves. Also i just checked my valves and they are spot on. Amy suggestions?
  4. NESC810

    Which Low Footpegs are you using

    Thanks man i appreciatet the help
  5. NESC810

    Which Low Footpegs are you using

    6'2" but the hight is mostly in the torso so i feel huntched over while in the attack postion (standing)
  6. NESC810

    Which Low Footpegs are you using

    Does anyone know where i can find a chart with all the bend angles on it for the different types of bars. Just trying to figure out which bars to get, i feel like i want the highest bar but want to look at the dimensions.
  7. I dont know. Hey wolfie check out what happened to me after i got my bike from them. Once i picked up the bike i did the responsible thing and brought it home and tore it apart to grease the bearings and go through the bike. When i greased the front end i left the front tire on while greasing clamp bearings. So i go out and ride three seperate times and the bike felt good but the 4th tome i went riding, while loading my bike i realized that the front tire was loose and after some troubleshooting found that the right side spacer between the hub and fork was missing. Needles to say i called them and they shippe one out and i go0t it the next day, but that sucked. As i hope there is no long term damage im sure this happened from someone they probably gets paid 10 bucks an hour it still freaked me out some. The best part was they got me the parts the next day since all dealerships at least in my area dont even have break downs yet let alone part numbers and parts it made me feel a little better. Just wanted to share that with you if you pick up another bike there just look as they are really seem to be nice just not sure how thurough some of there guys are.
  8. I bought mine for 6500 otd a keene motorsports in N.H
  9. NESC810

    2008 Crf 450's arrive saturday!!

    The weird thing is that honda says the stabilzer works after 3 degrees of handlebar turning for low speeds. But that would make sense for them to be able to bring the rake in and add stablilzer, But not change high speed control. That was my take on it.
  10. NESC810

    2008 Crf 450's arrive saturday!!

    I rode mine yesterday also and it is sweet!!! if i knew how to post pictures or movie clips i would of my ride. I'll start by saying my last bike was a 06' 450 and once i got on the08' instantly noticed that the handling was much better especially in tight rutted corners. I also dont know that i could feel the damper but they said it would help in the tight corners and the bike handles great there. The next best thing i like was the power delivery which was smooth and crisp but not to aggresive for me. So im sold on the bikes abilitys and i would incourage anyone else looking for a bike to pick one of these up.
  11. NESC810

    new 2008 crf450!

    Im picking mine up on saturday and riding sunday after i go through the bike. I feel like its christmas, IM PUMPED!!!!!!!!!!
  12. NESC810

    Smokn Deal on 2008 CRF450 $$$$

    Not if you dont register it!!!
  13. NESC810

    Smokn Deal on 2008 CRF450 $$$$

    Ya they are good to deal with. I bought my last 06 450 there and got it for 6000 in may of 06 which was a screamin deal. I havent ridden nesc ina while as i boke my femur last year so im just getting back into it. you ride at rocky hill at all.
  14. NESC810

    2008 Crf 450's arrive saturday!!

    6500 for mine. should be picking it up this week
  15. NESC810

    Smokn Deal on 2008 CRF450 $$$$

    I am getting mine at keene motorsports in N.H. for 6,500 so with shipping youll have to do the math to see if its worth it for you. I got the price and put a deposit on it then so i have not picked up the bike yet. I asked the salesmen again when i called back that the price was for a 08' CRF450 and he reassured me of the price we settled on.