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  1. dyaled

    How to remove ignition key switch?

    Decided to do the same thing. I don't use the bike as a "street bike" anyway. Take 12-18 gauge wire and add two male connectors. I made the wire to be around two inches long and had the adapters plug right into the plug. The colors of the wires you plug into are white with red stripe and yellow and red..I think that's right. The other two wires (4 total) are solid black and blue. It's neither one of those. The wire I made up plugs right into the bottom two ports of the harness and it works fine. If you were to park and leave the bike, you can simply loosen the mask/headlight and unplug it. That disables the electric start. I hear you can still kick start it though. Anyway you look at it, I like the dirt side of dual-sporting and keys are just another thing to break/loose.
  2. dyaled

    07 EXC Headlight/Mask change?

    No problem. I got the prices reversed anyway. item # 20 "Speedo bracket 05" part # 54814060000 $5.99 item# 27 "Retaining plate IGN. lock 08" pt# 78011065050 $15.99 I found cyclehutt to be expensive... try other spots. I use this one but pick it up locally... http://www.ncy-motorsports.com/fiche_select.asp
  3. dyaled

    07 EXC Headlight/Mask change?

    My buddy had a 2011 450 exc and I studied his bike's setup. I just picked up the 08 and newer blinker and highbeam display ($15) and ingnition mount ($5) and the light fits perfect now. The 07 has the key ingition and displays above the speedo - 08 and newer models have it it on the side of the speedo. The light pulls back without any problems now. Thanks..
  4. dyaled

    07 EXC Headlight/Mask change?

    Interesting...I would have thought both stock units would be similar. Thanks
  5. While cleaning my bike I removed and then dropped my mask/headlight on my 2007 525 exc. Yep. Broke the glass. I purchased a newer version (08-newer) because it had the same plug but found out the mask it isn't deep enough to reach the fork tubes. The speedo and key ignition prevent it from getting close enough for the rubber straps to reach. Anybody had luck with this? Does the 05 and 06 exc light/mask fit? The 07 has the older square light that doesn't look as nice. I'd like to change it. Thanks to all!
  6. I have a 2006 TE 510 that has had the emissions stuff removed and Jetted per one of the jetting charts on this site. Needle, 5BE-14916-DP-00 (5th from top), a 42 pilot and an 182 main. I also installed a #60 leak jet. It ran great until I added an Arrow Ti slip on. Now, I can't loose the lean pop upon deceleration.. I tried going to a 45 pilot and raising the needle (6th from top). No positive effects.. Any suggestions?
  7. dyaled

    wheel bearing dimensions

    Not sure of the sizes...here is a link that sells Husky bearings. Motosportz http://www.motosportz.com/HVA-SS/HVA-SS-Home.htm Good luck!
  8. dyaled

    Factory plastic vs. aftermarket

    USmotoplastic has a price breakdown on their website and they offer free shipping if you spend over 150 dollars. They don't offer the TE rear fender. I ended up buying the front headlight and rear fender from a dealer. I think it was $25 and $45 respectively. As far as the red tank covers; they are a light red, not like the blood red of Hondas of old. I'm sorry but I don't have anything to compare it to. Happy riding
  9. I just changed the plastic on my 06 TE 510 from the blue/yellow look to the white/red combo. I ended up getting half of the plastic from USmotoplastics due to previous treads. What they didn't have in stock, I ordered from a local dealer. The plastic I ordered from the dealer came with the factory (original) stickers/decals and what not. Is this the norm? I might have ordered it all from the dealer if I knew that was the case..Thx.
  10. I just purchased a 06 TE 510. $4200. with only 10.5 hours/350 miles. The guy barley rode it. Unfortunately he laid it down hard a couple of times and bent up the left radiator. It has a "TOYO Radiator" stamp on it. Any luck with picking one up for less than dealer msrp?? Thanks.... I had a older KTM w/ a plate and I am excited about my new toy!!
  11. dyaled

    ktm street legal

    Try BAJA DESINGS.com... They have street legal kits for off-road bikes.
  12. Make sure the 7th digit of the VIN isn't a C or a 3. Evidently. this would make a "red" sticker bike and not able to transfer a plate...At ALL! There is no way to plate it if it is. This seems to be the only rule that all the DMV people get every time. You may also run into problems if they ask you to show a "on-Highway Emissions Sticker". It all depends on the DMV people. Good Luck.
  13. dyaled

    ktm street legal

    I have an 03 525 EXC Plated in CA. As the other thumper wrote, it's great for little trips around town. I have had it up to 95 on the road w/out problems, but I just use the plate for fire roads and such. As long as you change the oil/filters often and adjust the valves every fifteen hours, the bike will keep running stong. It's hard to admit this, but the 06 Husky's come street legal (all 50 states) and are comprable to the KTMs in everyway but weight. I hear their heavy. If you can't find a KTM w/ a plate, you might try Husky.
  14. dyaled

    Fuel Screw Problem. . .

    Been having the same problem. I eventually got a super tight spring and put a rubber wahser at the bottom of the fuel screw. I rolled it down by the adjusting knob. It touches the carb body at the bottom leaving no room to vibrate. I have been dealing with this for a while. One mech. advised me to put a small dab of clear silicone (clear will withstand heat) on the threads of the screw. It stays "rubbery" and allows you to make adjustments unlike any type of thread lock. I eventually did that too. Tired of checking if its tight on the trail. Try a super tight screw and another rubber washer at the bottom first... D
  15. Been speaking with the NCY sales guys (So. Cal. dealer) and they keep saying that after purchasing a WR and baja kit,then having their mech. sign off on the DMV DOT paperwork I can get a CA plate. Too good to be true...or....a good sales tatic??