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  1. Sounds a lot like the vacuum connection for the petcock.
  2. mxbulldog

    wrist brace??

    Since getting a plate and a bunch of screws in my left wrist, the Allsport dynamics wrist brace has allowed me to keep on mountain biking and motoing with a minimum of pain. http://allsportdynamics.com/ots.htm
  3. mxbulldog

    First ride on my new 08! Honest review!

    Good to see you on here Steve. I too bought an 08 KX450 and am loving it.
  4. mxbulldog

    DRZ-SM w/ FCR at 2200 feet

    What does the o-ring mod do?
  5. mxbulldog

    3x3 - I know, I know.....pics

    I would just finish it off and cut off the rest of the top of the airbox, jet accordingly and let it breathe!
  6. mxbulldog

    How many miles with/on a full tank for the SM

    With the FCR-mx and riding a mix of 120km/hr on the highway and agressive street riding, I usually go onto reserve right around 130km. If I am out just easy cruising on gravel roads, I can maybe squeeze another 20 km out of it before reserve. I think my ex pro mx right hand is more agressive than others though.
  7. mxbulldog

    EXC-R street legal?

    Is the 2008 450 or 530 EXC-R going to be the dual sport model like the 07 was? All of the pics I have seen don't show any street legal equipment like mirrors and signals.
  8. mxbulldog

    Big Bore Kit.

    I am also very interested in the cost of the big bore from Millenium.
  9. mxbulldog

    Check out this XR650R!

    TC, When are you moving so I can come visit you in the Pacific NW?
  10. mxbulldog

    air filter oil

    Torco filter oil is very nice. Goes on very runny and then gets very nice and tacky.
  11. mxbulldog

    DRZ on a motocross stand?

    grab hold of the rear fender, position the bike right beside the stand then lift and picot the bike with your hips and leg. Or, if you are really good, you can just ride up beside the stand, do a stoppie, and pivot the back end onto the stand. I've seen a few mx'ers that could do that one, but I was never brave enough to try!
  12. I thought the stock 208's came off very easily once the bead was broken, whcih was a real pain. The Avon Distanzias went on very easily, and it was not even remotely warm when I was doing the tire change. I found the tire change to be much easier than a lot of mx tires that I have done, with the exception of Pirelli sand tires!
  13. mxbulldog

    mounting sm tires

    I would say that mounting them was easier than the 20 years worth of mx tires i have done in my life. the hardest part was breaking the bead on the SM's. I ended up putting the tires in the bench vise and breaking the bead that way. after that it was easy peasy, and they roll nice and smooth even without being balanced.
  14. mxbulldog

    Eddie FCR lean?

    My right wrist gets really bad mileage and I can envision it only getting worse when my FCR gets here!
  15. mxbulldog

    Front Brake Mod.?

    Probably live with it!