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  1. nickt916

    OTD price on 12 WR450?

    I got an OTD price on a 12 WR450 from a local dealer for $9,000+ here in CA , is this a good or can I get one for $8,000 OTD considering that MSRP is $8,000+ The reason Im asking is because I just recently purchased 2 new vehicles, 1 from ford and one from Toyota and I got both of those vehicles at MSRP being the OTD price. Both vehicles were hard to find and are a hot item.
  2. talk to a dealer friend of mine, he said they will start getting the WRs in march. He said he can reserve one for me and there is a 0% APR for 6 months right now, i can most likely pay it off in 6 months. Im waiting to hear on the price he can do for one, ill update when i get a chance. If i can have one OTD for $7500-$8000 is that a good deal, or what do you guys think the price will be on these when they arrive?
  3. nickt916

    2012 WR450 ro 2012 YZ450 conversion...

    Yup mostly going for YZ look since frame and engine is different. Will use WR or YZ muffler and cut it shorter. Might use YZ forms or retune WR forks. Upgrade rear to a 19" and few other mods. Very excited to get my hands on the 12 ))
  4. I have been waiting for the FI WR for about 3 years, have been bikeless, but it was worth the wait (i was to busy to ride anyways...) Now i cant wait to get my hands on the 2012 WR450. Im almost sure ill be converting it to a YZ450, nothing major, but things like eliminating some restrictions, removing taillights, relocating a few things, upgrading to black wheels (would mean ill have to go with a different speedo) and lastly shortening the muffler. I have converted a 07 WR450 into a YZ450 look and i loved it!! On the 07 i think only the rear fender was differed and the side rear plastics due to the air filter access. On the 2012 WR and YZ, seems like all plastics are different, from front to back, im assuming its because the fuel tank is different due to the air filter relocation on the YZ, while the WR is still in the same spot. Bellow is a 2012 WR450 and a YZ450 comparison, and bellow that is my 07 WR450, the 07 look is exactly what ill try to achieve with the 2012 WR.
  5. correction 2012 ... dont they usually announce the WR by now already? or will there be nothing announced at all and they will say the WR is discontinued? i have been waiting, and ill be buying my 3rd WR soon, im just waiting it out, hoping something awesome happens
  6. nickt916

    2011 WR's?

    so no 2011 WR450... or is it still to early to know? http://www.jbcycle.com/new_vehicle_detail.asp?veh=196299&CatDesc=&ModelYear=2011 i will start looking for 07-10 WR450 with as little hours as possible soon
  7. nickt916

    2011 WR's?

    so no new WR for 2011 or to early to tell? ill just wait till maybe september and then buy me a used 08,09 or 10
  8. nickt916

    2007-2010 WR450's mostly same?

    well i cant find the oldest 07 new, so 08 new is the only option i can go with, and i will probably keep it till someday the FI comes out, my guess is 2011, and even then i wont get it right away, ill wait till the end of 2011 to find some new left overs before the 2012s come out, so i want a new bike to keep for about 2 years, but i dont think the 09s and 08s would cost around the same cost in 2011, i dont think there would be a $1,000 resale difference on them.
  9. i had a 07 wr450 with about 30 hours that i sold because i was thinking 2010 would be FI. Now since i wont be buying a 2010, i still saw a few dealers that carry 08 new models and lots of 09 models, nobody has 07s thats for sure, but i was just wondering if they are basically the same from 07-10? i think i saw somewhere that maybe 08 got some good changes from the 07 and 09 and 10 are basically different graphics with everything else the same? im 200lbs with gear, but im assuming the spring rates would be same on all 07-10, as well as the gearing? the best deal i could find was $5500 08 new, but thats not OTD, they might let it go for $5500 OTD? 09 best deal i could find was $6400 OTD new, surely $1000 is not worth it for just the graphics change? haha
  10. nickt916

    how to plate a WR?

    The best price i seen on a new 2009 WR450 here in Sacramento area was $5890 + fees... has anyone else seen a better deal anywhere on a new WR.. or even a 2008 WRs new that might still be around on the floors somewhere? Ill be willing to travel anywhere in CA to pick up a new 08 or 09 for a great OTD price..
  11. nickt916

    how to plate a WR?

    what if i already find a CA plated 07/08 WR and try and register in my name, would DMV pull the plate or there is a chance of success?
  12. nickt916

    Another Successful CA. plated WR426!

    dead thread, thought id bring it alive, any new updates in 2009 as far as more success stories with more plated WRs?
  13. nickt916

    how to plate a WR?

    didnt know its such a top secret topic thanks for pm and links ill look into it, if i can find 07/08 plated on craigslist i might need to jump on that. quick question, i saw one AZ plated, but the guy lives in CA, if i buy one like that would CA deny a plate for that or would they might let me slide and give me a CA plate?
  14. nickt916

    how to plate a WR?

    i keep hearing about lots of loops to jump through and how some guy knows a guy paid a guy to do it... do you really have to know someone on the inside to do it? have enough money to do it? I dont get it... i was waiting for the 2010 WR450 thus i sold my 2007.. but since no new WR for 2010 i guess ill start looking for another 2007/08 WR and was wondering about maybe plating it... or better off trying to find one already plated in CA?? the concern is, cant the dmv just pull the plate at any given year, or once its plated its good for ever? i was going to be the happiest camper with a 2010 FI WR... but.... i guess a 07/08 plated WR will make me happy also
  15. nickt916

    2008-09 XT250 for wife and I?

    thanks for the heads up guys, is there any newish 2007-2009 street legal dual sport hondas that are pretty reliable out there? maybe i can get away with 2 different brands as long as they are on a $30$4k budged each, fun, not heavy pigs, reliable