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  1. pyropig

    My 380 MXC

    Hey guys I dont really know what to do here. I have a 98 38EXC that for all intensive purposes runs like absolute shit. I know its probably a jetting problem because it wont idle and its running so rich that it got a whopping 22 miles out of a tank of gas. I am seriously thinking about a KX250f or a KLX 300. I just dont know how that KTM would run if I got it fixed. for any of you that know, how are they? are they good for singletracking, and technical off road, as well as ripping around? or is it just a pile of crap? I like it but I may need some convincing to hold on to it. My only experience with it has been really crappy.
  2. pyropig

    Down to 2.

    Personally I would love the XR650 or the WR 450 but price is the constraint on that one. I was impressed with the XR650 and the CRF 450R that my friend has. Now, we sold the 380 MXC and my dad bought my 380 EXC, I will buy it back from him and put on a new carb, but I just need a little conincing that thats the bike for me, cause its pretty, thats for sure, lol. Just runs like crap.
  3. Im 18 (male, lol) and I had a question for you. I bought my awesome girfriend of a year and a half a motorcycle class to get her license (shes as much of a motorcycle nerd as me, lol). I want to put her on a dirtbike so she can perfect all of those basic skills before she tackles the road and all the dangers that come with it. She is 5'8 but has really short legs. I was thinking either a honda XR 200, or like a KLX 125. Something that she'll be safe on but still have a good time (a little throttle happy if you know what I mean, lol) Or if you guys had any other ideas please let me know. Thanks ladies!
  4. pyropig

    Down to 2.

    Well I found an 03 DRZ 450E for 3200 bucks with only 100 miles, looks like it just came off the showroom floor. I like it a lot, but the damn salesmen at kawasaki got me interested in a KX 250F now. sigh, decisions decisions
  5. well, I have a BMW F650 GS Dakar which is a thumper, I guess them monsterous adventure bikes just arent welcome here lol. If your looking for a good adventure bike/riding forum advrider.com is a good one.
  6. pyropig

    Las Vegas question

    Wow, didn't know there were so many local Nevadans on here, hey there all ya southerners, Im up north in Reno.
  7. pyropig

    Down to 2.

    of course it the street legalness would be a very nice option so I dont have to trailer, but later I would want to strap on a desert tank and maybe play my had at a desert race. But I like the long distance riding, and Ill have no problem handling those bigger bikes, I do a lot of off road riding with my 425 pound BMW F650 GS Dakar. But theres just a lot of places Im a little uncomfortable with a 12,000 dollar motorcycle with really expensive repair costs for not so spectacular crashes. But If you guys have better suggestions within those 2 brands (kawi or suzuki) let me know too
  8. pyropig

    Down to 2.

    okay, I checked out the financing options and whatnot for all the different models and Im down to a decision between 2. Either the Suzuki DRZ400 or the Kawasaki KLX300. To sum up my riding style, lots of singletrack and exploring, usually pretty technical, overnight trips. I also want to haul ass and rip around on the natural MX tracks out in the hills. I just dont know enough about either to decide, and I dont know anyone whos ridden them and I dont really wanna take either of the dealers word for it that their product is the best, lol. The last bike I owned was a 1998 KTM 380 EXC. Had lots of problems, fun machine, but really cramped. Oh ya, and Im 18 6' tall and 190ish lbs. if that helps anyone.
  9. Ya, Ive thought about that. Im decent but I would need quite a bit more practice before I would want to tackle anykind of motocross racing, even though Id probably do okay in the beginner class. Whatever I get I would want to go on some of those overnight camping trips up in the hills, but also be able to rip around and have a good time, play on those natural mx tracks out there, singletracking, and blazing my own trail. Maybe some desert races would be in my future if that gives you guys a better idea of what Im looking for.
  10. I am 6' tall little under 200 lbs and 18 years old. I live in a dirt riding mecca in Reno, Nevada. I want a bike that can do damn near everything well, street legal or at least the capability to make it so would be nice, but If I have to trailer, oh well, I can live with it, or I could just ride anyways, Im close enough . Its been a while since Ive had a dirt bike, and Im really excited to get back into it.
  11. I am pretty big into long distance Adventure riding, and have a 2003 BMW F650 GS Dakar. Now for those of you who know, theres a lot of things you can't, or just dont want to do on a $12,000, 425Lbs. machine. Therfore Im going back to my roots and getting another dirtbike (keeping the Beemer, can't sell my baby, ) I would have put this in brand specific but it didn't really work. So my question being, what should I look into, Im quite interested in the new KLX300, the WR450F, the CRF450X, or the good old honda XR650, or something similar, Im not limited to this list, the motocross 4 strokes are very interesting but I truely know nothing about them. These sits are great cause I get the input from real people that ride the machines and fellow motorcycle nerds like myself , not those salesmen that will tell you the skies neon green and this KLX 110 will keep up with a CRF 450 F to get you to buy it (lol, that was a great day).