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    Crank Oil Jet/Passage

    Long story short I took my bike to the dealer down the street to have them pop off the flywheel since I have neither the correct puller or an impact and they said they would do it for free. I specifically asked if they had the correct style puller with the crank end cap and the service manager said they did. I took a look at the crank when they were done and it looks like the oil jet (piece in the center of the crank) is pressed in about .125", I asked the mechanic to show me the puller he used and it was one without the cap. The actual hole in the center looks fine with no burs or damage and the brass insert the jet sits in also looks undamaged. I took a piece of safety wire and probed around and the jet feels completely unobstructed. Anyone have an experience here? I imagine there is just a straight passage to the center of the crank and the jet is only to meter the oil flow, my only concern is if there are radially drilled holes for some reason the jet could now be obstructing (I doubt this though do to the minimal wall thickness) or if the jet could come loose since it is pressed further in. Has anyone ever removed the jet from the crank for inspection? Advice is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Just a question here, maybe it has been discussed I couldn't find anything. I would assume the stock exhaust springs have a higher spring rate than the intake due to the weight of the valves. Does anyone know if it is possible to use the stock exhaust springs for the intake side also to increase the life of the valves? If the springs are dimensionally the same and the spring rate is higher on the exhaust this seems like it would be a cheap way to increase valve life, if indeed the stock springs are sacking out. Thoughts or comments?
  3. cabrowne

    Building a track

    I just thought of something else. Check out pitracer.com, it is a ohio motocross site mostly focused on district 12. they have a message board and I know that there are a few promoters that hang out on there, Tim from Scenic Highlands is one. Post your message on there, those guys will be able to answer your questions. Hope that helps.
  4. cabrowne

    Building a track

    Here are a few ideas. Check the district 11 site, there is a list of promoters with phone and websites/e-mails listed. I would talk to some other promoters they would be your best bet on info along with people involved with the district 11 board. Also check out Danial Boone MX, they have a website, should have contact information, that guy has a nice setup and holds some pretty big races. You may also want to contact Podium One, think they have a web site. I heard they have new ownership so they may be able to answer some of the questions you have, since they just went through a lot of it themselves I am sure. You are right, Southwest Ohio needs more tracks, I live in Fairfield and would love to see a new track pop up and I think there is quite a demand for a quality practice track/race track. As far as being profitable or just breaking even it is hard to say. I would imagine Kenworthys make a profit because of the national, and Action Sports might since they hold the friday or saturday night supercrosses that draw a decent crowd from what I hear. Be sure to keep us posted on your developments.