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  1. PS- i got cash for lessons! Matt
  2. Mr Lafferty, I live about 20 miles from ya, where can ya be found for say a sunday ride? Matt
  3. I am Jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish I could go! But have to work in the summer and make the money when I can. My time off is in the winter.......when its cold burrrrrrrrr! And YES..... great write up! Thanks for sharing!!!!!!
  4. Whistling to my self....."I wanna ride I wanna ride I wanna ride!"
  5. Yeah thats New Jersey, I got that everyday here in my back yard in southern NJ! Go out start the pig and go!!!!!!!
  6. Yeah like that! It was 90 here today with 80% humidity ughhhh! I think my piggy would stop 1/4 way in to play in the mud though lol!
  7. I hear ya, I went for a nice ride today, past the lake and thought about wheelin' acrossed it if it was frozen! Then I came back to reality and finished my ride.
  8. I was just surfing the web for 650L stuff and came across this..... Some of you may have seen it already, thought it was pretty cool Matt
  9. Re-jetted today (daves), had carb off about 600 times! J/K! well about four times. couldn't get idle right. had stock jets in there and went to 58/160. Wouldn't react to nothing I tried on the idle screw. Took it all off again and changed it to 55/160 lil' bit better but still have bumpy idle and a puff of black smoke when I hit it. She has a lot more power, I can feel the difference when I zip through the gears... more grunt. Gave up on that and put the new pads on the front, I have a new J/T front brake rotor coming in a few days. Gonna try to tune the carb again tomorrow, maybe I am missing something...... had to walk away from her for a while ... ya know? I also replaced all the external carb screws just for GP (general principal). Well tomorrow is another day!
  10. Wheeeeew! Thought I was seeing things!
  11. My friends and I ride alot at night, we ride only where we are familiar (years) with the trails and area.
  12. Great ride!!!!!!! But one question......... what are those snacks in the pic called? I hope I am reading the label wrong, I can't see the first letter of the first word on the label!!!!!! Someone correct me if I am wrong!!!!!!!!
  13. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My BIKE HAS NO KICK STARTER?????????????????? (sound of feet running to garage and back inside) HUH, your right!!!!!!!!! LOL!
  14. Also I have clearance between the tire and tag, I hopped off a 4' ledge just to see. Needless to say its fine and my pig likes to hop off of the ledge too!
  15. Well its thick, it was from an old drill case! LOL! It was the top cover and the bend was already existing. I just trimmed to fit and drilled a few holes. I wasn't gonna get fancy, just wanted a stiff tag holder. Until I come acrossed another idea.