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    TTR125 idle racing

    It's not the cable. That has been well adjusted and lubed, but I thought it might be an airleak as well, but could sprayed engine down a couple times and no hesitation of signs of leak otherwise. This is driving me nuts! Thanks for the reply.
  2. fittro

    TTR125 idle racing

    Hey everyone, I'm new here. I'm working on a 01 TTR125 for my son and can't figure out a problem that's been driving me nuts. Just rebuilt entire top end and cleaned out carb three times so far. Once warmed up, the bike will go to idle (a little sputtering), then after about 30 seconds the idle starts to gradually increase as time goes on. After a couple minutes it starts really getting high (like 2500 or so). What could it be? There doesn't seem to be any air leaks, I sprayed bike down while running. Could it be the diaphragm on the left side of the carb? Also, this is my second ttr125 and both are kinda rough on the top end, almost like a valve knock, but I don't think it's that. Is this normal for these bikes? Help is greatly appreciated, and I did search tons of forums and have only come across one with a slightly similar idle problem, but there were no answers. Thanks.
  3. fittro

    ttr125 engine noise

    cool thanks guys.
  4. just picked up a ttr125, engine makes a knocking or clanging noise at higher rpm's. Any ideas. It's a 2002 great shape, runs fine down low and revving in neutral, but with a load on engine, that noise comes from the top end. Any leads would be appreciated..