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  1. e_brown

    HONDA CRF 250R 2011 opinions

    Have you ridden a 2011? The 2011 is the definition of screaming top. The new 2011 with the suspension done is like cheating on the track. ITs that good.
  2. Has anyone with a 2011 had a problem with this yet or noticed these symptoms?
  3. e_brown

    2011 CRF250 vs. KX250f vs. YZ250f

    i went with the one i got the best deal on all of them look really strong this year though - it was a tough decision as far as honda and valves - my 07 450 intakes are tight and need replaced. not bad after 3 seasons of racing! my 03yz250f never needed a valve adjustment but the tranny gave up 4th gear after 3 seasons... they all have their quirks - keep the oil changed and air filter clean and i think the repair costs are probably close on all of them
  4. e_brown

    shaeffers oil

    no experience with them - have heard good things about the Motorex Cross Power 10w50 but its $15 a Liter!
  5. e_brown

    Mid valve. How do I get it out?

    once you have the fork damper assembly out of the fork assembly, you will see a fork center bolt on the end of the fork damper piston rod. i put two small nuts on there and used those to get the center bolt off. once off, use a fine grit sand paper to clean up the threads on the damper rod...then the damper rod will come out of the top of the fork and there is your mid valve. its real important to make sure those threads are smooth so they dont cut the oring inside the damper. guess i should'a mentioned draining the damper oil first by removing the fork cap assembly. if you can get your hands on a manual its all in there - pm if you need some help i wouldnt mind helping you out with it
  6. bought it at Ridersville Honda in WV - 3rd bike from them - really nice people
  7. Picked up the 2011 Friday after work - cant wait to ride it. finally have a 250 & 450 will be interesting to see if my opinion of it is the same as the 250 shootouts out there - hopefully i feel differently than the magazines because this latest model hasn't exactly taken top honors.....looks awesome sitting in my shop though!
  8. e_brown

    2010 how's it holding up?

    I was looking to pickup a 2011 but all this talk has got me thinking.....
  9. Yes those are OTD prices for both
  10. What would you do? i have the opportunity to pickup a left over 2010 bike for 5600 or a 2011 for 6400. just not sure what to do 2010 owners opinions? 2011 owners? Thx
  11. e_brown

    This Picture Says It All

    Ahh man that picture is so funny - almost as hilarious as the fastest man on the planet hiding in his motor home because his suspension was too stiff. LOLZZZZZ
  12. e_brown

    Shouldnt JS7 be fined or suspended? [edit]

    First he's in agonizing pain but doesn't want help from the Asterisk crew......that was hilarioius! Then he's back out there racing, after making all those faces like he was dying from internal damages....lol Then he and his crew go over to the Kawi tent and push over Reeds bike??? Oh man this guy is a genius. Thanks for all the laughs this weekend, Stewart!
  13. e_brown

    Pourcel the Biggest Prima donna

    I bumped into Pourcel at Vegas. He was the only rider standing outside the pro semi signing autographs and talking with people. I think some of you are mistaken about this kid. Plus i like how he never understands the exact questions reporters ask and subsequently his answers are pretty funny.
  14. [e_brown] 450 class 2 800 22 33 18 Fastest Qualifier 22 250 class 10 377 411 19 24 Fastest Qualifier 10
  15. e_brown

    **spoiler** What if Reed showed up

    easy does it toolbag, he went 4-3 toohip ? age 38 and still posting like a 12 yo ?