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  1. you poor thing! see you at the track!
  2. posted by iroc8210 - cori is your sister?
  3. VERY cool! hope to see some of you there this winter! (look for the slow old fat guy)
  4. correct.
  5. ah - i was thinking they were going outdoors, and doing indoors when they got the issues resolved up in holly.
  6. Looks like a storefront in Walled Lake in the old paintball shop - where is the track going to be?
  7. cheaper than building your own track odd area for the track there, lots of established residential and commercial buildings really close there, i'm surprised that they managed to get permits based on the amount of noise.
  8. when living in a glass house... (you're should be your) (just doing my part to bring a little liveliness to this thread)
  9. Pardon my ignorance - what is this place? I google'd it but didnt' find anything. Thanks Jim
  10. I've got a Yoyodyne (http://www.yoyodyneti.com) in my '03 WR450F, having problems tuning it though as you have to use different thickness steels to vary the clutch pack height and I can't find any steels that are thicker than stock. Does anyone have any idea where I might find these?
  11. Thanks for the info. No Rekluse - this is a SuperMoto bike - I put a Yoyodyne slipper in it. Putting a Rekluse in my girlfriend's '06 WR250F this weekend, I think I'll end up putting one in my YZ's if I like it on the trail.
  12. aah. thanks for the info. i've already done the grey wire mod, and i'll order the yz throttle stop. should i also order the jetting shown in the AIS kit on the Yammie site, or leave well enough alone with the stock jetting? thanks again jim
  13. The AIS kit on the Yammie site specified for 05-06 WR, anyone know if it will work on the 03? Thanks! Jim