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  1. RideAgainstTheMachine

    RMZ 250 2013

    FYI 16.6Hrs 2013 Rmz250 never noticed kickback. Suzuki Canada told me there is no bulletin. I got a call back from a local dealer, there is one # is 13-05 dated 12/06/13 incase dealers what to give you a hard time. I am going to fight to get parts covered, has anyone been succesful in getting all parts replaced?
  2. RideAgainstTheMachine

    All 2013 RMZ250 owners...

    6.2 trouble free hours. Havent been able to ride much this year
  3. RideAgainstTheMachine

    Bike runs for 20 seconds shuts off

    Wow you start a lot of threads. Double check fuel like connection, electrical connections etc. Did you adjust? Or were they in spec? Is it almost out of fuel etc..?
  4. RideAgainstTheMachine

    Really mad

    Impact gun, or give it a good couple hits with a hammer and then try to loosen it.
  5. RideAgainstTheMachine

    Bash any Rider but use proper grammar & spelling

    I dont know what juicy, but I see a buch of yuppies that need a tubifur upside the head.
  6. RideAgainstTheMachine

    Upper back ligaments

    Hey all, I have mildly torn ligaments in my upperback. My Doc recommends physio but I have used up my alowed $ amount for the year when I broke my shoulder. I searched for excersises/stretches to do for this injury and did not come up with much. anyone recommend certain excersises, or should I pay out of pocket for physio and things like laser/ultrasound treatment? Thanks
  7. RideAgainstTheMachine

    upper back pain after crash

    Hey guys, its been over two months since I had the crash. I knocked the wind out of myself and assumed I had bruised a few ribs. But not the pain it concentrated to the spine in my upper back. It in noticable when taking deep breaths, coughing, and twisting certain ways. Lifting seems to have no effect and feels fine. Any ideas, suggestions?
  8. RideAgainstTheMachine

    Barcia is a dick!

    No one said anything about roczen last week and has nothing to do with any of this? Just like Roczen had nothing to do with barcia getting taken out. The Roczen Baggett convo after was pretty funny too
  9. RideAgainstTheMachine

    Barcia is a dick!

    No im just saying they are supposed to hold thier line until leader goes by. Sure slow down a bit to help let them get by. But in reality if they're getting lapped there is no reason the leaders cant easily pass them if they are holding thier line in the main race line. you see more issues when guys try to get out of the way and move into the leaders line.
  10. RideAgainstTheMachine

    Barcia is a dick!

    blue flag means hold your line, not jump off the track to get out of the way of the leaders. Vincent wasnt purposely hold up barcia. Barcia passed him and crossed into his line to take the inside of the corner. Would you do that if you just passed to get into first no was so why would you do it when you passed a lapper with an 8 sec lead? just play it smart and take the outside. These guys are morons to think lappers should stop and bow as they go by.
  11. RideAgainstTheMachine

    Barcia is a dick!

    The thread is about his actions afterwards not whos fault it was. He clearly roosted roczen after - complete boner move. Did he expect roczen to stop help him up then let him win? haha what a punk. Then he roosts vincent and the asterisk crew while they're helping him? Even more douchery. Both of those moves were completely ridiculous. Lost all repect for him. Atleast we got to see him cry like a baby for loosing one position and still gaining points on wharton. And the only reason he apologized was because his crew made him.
  12. RideAgainstTheMachine

    03 sherco on the way!

    you can get manuals right off of the sherco website
  13. RideAgainstTheMachine

    I admit I'm a wussy little girl. :)

    or just pull the back wheel off? Sounds nasty though
  14. RideAgainstTheMachine

    New trials bikes

    138bs thats pretty good as well, considering that would be a "wet" weight with a full tank of fuel
  15. RideAgainstTheMachine

    Advice on a light weight, big bore dualsport.

    pretty sure he said he wants a street legal dirtbike....pretty sure bikes arent going to "save the enviroment" most bike arent really that great on fuel, and without emission they put out a lot of sh*t you should start reading peoples posts and questions rather than trolling around posting random bs. To the OP any of the suggestions so far would be great ktm beta, husaberg etc. Ktm 450 being the most like the rmz you rode. Not sure of the laws in washington, but Ktm street legal two strokes would be a great lightweight option as well. I would say go with the brand that you have a local dealer for.