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    dbDawg install

    Short answer is yes. I think that you use a 1 3/8 hole saw if I remember correctly. Your bike will be louder than stock. I had drilled out my end cap for what I thought would be a performance/tuning gain but didn't like the added noise. I added the DB Dawg to tone it down, it does work. If I was to do it again I would just leave the end cap stock. Scott

    Newb Fork Oil Question

    Thanks Noble! Just the info I needed. This forum is a great resource.

    Newb Fork Oil Question

    I have been lurking on TT for a while reading all about the DRZ 400. I am servicing my brother in laws 2000S model that he recently picked up for a song. ( I get to use it for doing all the work) I have changed all the fluids, cleaned and lubed front and rear suspension, and had the hole in the stator housing welded. I did a search on fork oil and read everything, but am a little confused. - dealer says 709ml oil per fork - consensus here seems to be 90mm to 165mm from top of fork - I am a lightweight at 140lbs - I will be learning to ride dirt on this bike and may plate it for DS use Questions - what weight oil to use - what height - is the oil height measured with the springs in or out - is the oil height measured with the fork comressed or not Thanks for all you help. ScottBC