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  1. JLCX

    New 05 CRF450x. Major problem, need help!

    Took my CRF to the dealer. Honda agreed to cover the cost of any damage that was caused by their negligence,but would not cover the cost to tear the bike down if no damage was found. The dealer agreed to pay for the tear down. Long story short, they opened the bike up, looked inside and didn't find anything damaged. It must have been an extra part that was dropped in the case during assembly. Hopfully this will be the end of this thread,and my next post will be to talk about what a great ride I had. Thanks for your help, Jeff
  2. JLCX

    New 05 CRF450x. Major problem, need help!

    At one of the dealers, I saw an exploded cut of the crank case. The only pin of this size, was a part of the shift linkage. There is also one or two rollor bearings 8mm wide.I did not find any metal shavings in the oil, and the bike sounds fine. Its hard for me to believe a bearings deffective,or missing a roller.
  3. JLCX

    New 05 CRF450x. Major problem, need help!

    I dropped it off at the dealer i purchased the bike from today, and stressed to the service manager to document everything that is done to it. I did take pictures of the part but have to get them developed .When i do i will post pics. I appreciate your responce to this thread and any other info would be great! I may be expecting to much, but I would like to think a company as reputable as Honda, would act differently.
  4. Purchased 05 450X on 11/11/05, rode bike the following Sunday 11/13(approx. 40 miles).The bike proformed very well as expected. On Thursday 11/17 I decided to change the oil. While draining the oil on the transmission side a machined pin 3mm x 8mm came out with the oil. I called American Honda Cust. Service about the problem, and they seemed to be more interested in informing me that my 1 week old CRF450X came without a warranty, than helping me resolve my problem. The girl told me that "this would more than likely NOT be covered buy Honda". It is my responsibility to have the bike torn down,and if at this point it was found to be something other than my neglect,or dealer neglect,some "GOOD WILL" warranty may be awarded. I cant seem to find any way to contact someone with Honda to get an explanation for their lack of concern. My current situation is: 1) I have a brand new bike that I can not ride. 2) This same new bike will have to be completely torn down. Possibly at my expense. 3)If the bike is not repaired properly the legacy will cotinue.Most likely at my expense.