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  1. bailer

    Sunday ride close to Scottsdale?

    I'll save Mxthunder the trouble... There's a GP at Grindingstonemx Sunday that should be pretty fun. I believe the mx track will be open too. I'm hoping to get out there with the kids.
  2. bailer

    Pa to Az

    Housing market is fantastic, if you don't need to sell a house to buy one. Most Phoenix riding is on the North ends of town, I'd start the search in one of those areas and fine tune it based on where you find a job.
  3. bailer

    Hare scramble in Gallup NM

    This for bikes, or are you letting Whiplash bring their kwads, trucks, etc...?
  4. bailer

    Hare scramble in Gallup NM

    It seems unlikely that 300 AZ riders are committed to this, and I haven't heard it mentioned at any local races. Gallup area in May does sound fun, look forward to seeing some details.
  5. bailer

    ktm adventure clutch question

    Do the Australian model MA's have the old style spring clutch setup, or the washers like the U.S. model mini SX? If it's the washers you just need to order the springs for a pre-08 mini adventure.
  6. An adult used a stand for that on the row in front of me at the Western Hare Scramble last weekend. The starter had to scramble over and throw it out of the way in the 30 seconds before my row went off.
  7. bailer

    Moving To Scottsdale!!

    I'm likely working. Try www.arizonatrailtalk.com There are some guys with weekdays free.
  8. bailer

    KTM adventure vs. PRO vs SX

    FWIW the OP is talking about the Sr. Adventure not the mini adventure.
  9. bailer

    Coming to AZ. Where to ride ?

    They're qualifiers, kind of a dumbed down enduro. Keeping on trial time is really easy, so the race comes down to your speed in the special tests.
  10. bailer

    Moving To Scottsdale!!

    There's plenty of riding North and North East of Scottsdale. Your drive time could range from 45 minutes if you live in South Scottsdale, to riding from your garage in select neighborhoods. google grindingstonemx for the closest track.
  11. bailer

    Coming to AZ. Where to ride ?

    Normally on our public land races, the host club will post up on the local forums when they start marking. Usually it's the Weekend before. If you're caught riding the course it's supposed to be a DQ. Whether they would actually do it is an open question...
  12. bailer

    Coming to AZ. Where to ride ?

    The mile markers would be a bad idea in the days leading up to the races. There's too big a chance you'll end up getting caught on a marked race course. Either Wildcat or Sycamore would be good options. Someone can get you directions when it gets closer.
  13. bailer

    KTM adventure vs. PRO vs SX

    The Pro/SX is also liquid cooled so it has more power potential. The stock pipe and carb are bigger so stock it's quite a bit faster. I added the pipe/carb to my kids' Sr adv, and it closed the gap somewhat. If you're racing MX you want the SX/Sr. For anything else you could make either work.
  14. bailer

    Ktm Mini or SX after PW 50

    It sounds like you could get by with either. The main practical difference is the mini has a spring actuated clutch that engages gently at low rpm. The Jr. has the washer stack setup that is usually set to hit harder at a high rpm. The springs are more durable, especially for trail riding. The washers better for holeshots and aggressive riders exiting corners. Of course, you can tone down a Jr. or soup up a mini, within reason. My youngest moved from a pw to a mini adventure a few months ago. I chose that one simply because it was a great deal. He won't be on it long as the sr is ready
  15. bailer

    1st stop AMA west coast CC national at Buckeye

    There are some pretty popular single track and 2-track loops surrounding that track. Hopefully they have a permit to run those trails.