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  1. This last year I started the Florida Trail Riders HS season on my YZ450 and after 3 races stuggling to get into the top 10, I switched to my CRF250X and ended up in the top 3 the rest of the season and actually won the season championship for my class. I found the 250 to be much faster and easier to manage for HS racing (electric starts helps ). I use my 450 for motocross only now. just my 2 cents but again it goes to rider preference.
  2. Here is a link with all the info and pics to my truck I have been working on for 2 years now http://wishon.googlepages.com/thebeast
  3. Riptide9

    Best grips for off road?

    Spider M1's, Grip Doughnuts, and Kevlar liners... not a single blister since!!!
  4. It is always surprising to see everyone thinking that more power is the answer. I would venture to say that James Stewart on a 125 would dust anyone on this forum on a 450. I have been racing Hare Scrambles in Florida for 2 years and I went from a 450 to a 250 realizing that suspension and riding technique is more important. I am the current leader in my class for this season due to riding skill not raw power. On the topic of a Leatt, I wouldn't get on a bike without one. I won't drive without a seatbelt either... even though myself or none of my friends have ever needed one (knock on wood). I can't remember a race where someone hasn't broken a bone, usually collarbones, and that is the main reason in my opinion for wearing one. Collarbones are probably the most common injury in motocross which is usually caused by the helmet slamming into it (this is what the Leatt prevents). The fact that it might keep me from being in a wheelchair is an added bonus. For the majority of us we ride and race for fun... we don't get paid to do it... and we have to show up for work every Monday and can't afford to be stuck in the hospital. Spend you money on protection and suspension and your time on practice. "Just my 2 cents"
  5. Riptide9

    Harescramble in 2 weeks, what do I need?

    Definately a camel back... I have raced MX for most of my life and started HS racing last season and got hooked. Best bang for your buck... Just remember to race your own race and pace yourself, I see so many riders try to blast buy me only to see them on the gound a few minutes later as I pass them. It is all about endurance and mantaining control over the long race. Have Fun