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    I've only really got one hobby, riding my TRX450R almost every weekend.
  1. freebier

    Spots to ride around Eugene OR

    Try the Noonday Trail area (Bohemia mining district) east of Cottage Grove. The trail itself is relatively short, but has a bunch of mineshafts to check out. Riding up Champion Creek is nice (and easy), but really beautiful and also has a bunch of mines. Fairview lookout, at the top of Champion Creek, has some amazing views with more mines to the east. Huckleberry Flats is a good beginner trail system with one challenging trail on the northeast corner. Santiam Pass/Big Lake/Hoodoo has a lot of riding to the east of the road. The actual OHV area to the west is a joke.
  2. freebier

    Santiam Pass, oregon

    Just camped for the first time at Big Lake weekend before last. I'd been there a couple of times before, but I just realized that all of the good riding is actually on the east side of the road, and not the designated OHV area near Hoodoo on the west side. Far less woops to the east, or at least you can find some trails that aren't wooped out. The OHV area is almost entirely woops. There are some good sand blow-out areas with some hill climbs that are pretty hard to find. If you find the flat rock area with the wagon wheel grooves, you're close. I've always been down on Big Lake, but riding the east side changed my mind. Not to mention the sweet camp sites in Loop A. Looks like there's also some good dispersed camp sites near the entrance to the Seventh Day Adventist Camp on the east side of the road. Funny story (to make a long post longer), we ran into a group of the Seventh Dayers out in the woods to the east. There was a group of about 20, all on bikes and quads. There was also a guy driving a rail that looked like it was his first time out. He was driving all wide-eyed and white-knuckled and about ran over a buddy and I that were parked in a highly visible spot in a clearing. We decided to follow, assuming he was going to be good for some excitement down the road. Just a few hundred yards down the trail, a group of 3 jeeps stopped us. They were all pissed off, and told us to tell our "buddy" to slow down. Evidently, he had bounced the rail off one of the jeeps, and just kept on going. Funny thing, we ran into the group at the top of Cach Mtn.(one of the best views in central OR.) and the rail was dumping mass quantities of coolant. Karma's a bitch, I guess (even for Seventh Day Adventists). Hope the thing melted down before they got back to camp. I thought an appropriate bumper sticker for him would read: "Who would Jesus run over?". Anyway, I best get back to work.....
  3. freebier

    EFR Rant

    Went to EFR for the first time over the holiday weekend. Thought it was pretty good except for mostly easy trails and a whole lot of woops. I think it takes a complete tour of the entire trail system to find the best routes. Probably still the best riding area "near" Eugene.... Just one thing absolutely drove me nuts. What's the deal with all of the utility quads refusing to pull over? Do you really think you're the only ones out there? Do you think that 5 mph is haulingass? Don't get me wrong... I think it's great that more and more people are getting into OHV's. The more people that have a voice in land use issues the better. But please, use some common courtesy. Look over your shoulder once in a while. Use hand signals to tell other parties how many are behind you in your group. The average rider (which you're not) rides 5 times your speed. I know you can hear me behind you as you're trying to make a 3-point turn to get through the narrow spots That 800 pound hay-hauler isn't the performance machine you think it is. I'm not saying stay away, just practice a little common courtesy. I realize that none of the offending parties are TT'ers, and I'm preaching to the choir.... P.S. I'm a quad rider, too. (I know everyone hates to hear that) But, I ride with a purpose. I didn't hold up a single bike this weekend. Although, a couple of courteous riders did let me by.....
  4. freebier

    Ladies.. What's your humble opinion?

    Point well taken.... I guess I think specifically of the OHV areas around here. The two that are nearby were originally "free-for-all" types of areas. Once they began to be managed by the BLM and FS, some of the routes were designated as "bike only" trails, but still offer semi-challenging riding for quads. We really don't see any real single-track around here. Most of the bike trails are quad width trails (although you wouldn't want to take a big farmer john up one...). I don't see much of the damage you describe. When the local riding club and the BLM workers repair a trail, it's to fill in the nasty 6" wide ruts cut deeply into the clay (which aren't limited to the bike-only trails). I guess my gripes are more specific to my locale. Actually, when I think about it, those nasty ruts are what actually make the ride interesting... My compliments on your articulate and well stated response. Like I said, it's a rarity in many of the TT forums.... P.S. Maybe I will have to add a CRF to the stable one day.... It's been 17 years since I lost my sense of balance...
  5. freebier

    Ladies.. What's your humble opinion?

    Sorry to continue the hijacking of this thread..... But being a "quadtard" myself, I was just curious how the quads are able to impact the condition of single-track trails. I must admit that I'm one of the "hooligans" that enjoys the challenges of riding on designated bike trails. All of the designated single-track in this area are always badly damaged by wicked ruts from the bikes. This isn't a complaint, just an observation. It's actually what makes the trails more interesting for me. The quad trails in this area are pretty tame, the only interesting trails are designated single-track. I do have some experience under my belt, and have surprised quite a few bike riders on their own turf. I'm probably not the typical quad rider, ability wise. Just wanted a clarification of the "damage" everyone's seen out on the trails from my fellow "quadtards". (I don't have a problem with that term. The majority of quad riders, at least around here, are a danger to everyone around them.) The only damage I ever see is 6" wide scars dug deep into the trail. Again, I humbly apologize for the continuation of the hijack. Also, I'm obviously not a thumpette, so I apologize for posting in your forum, but find this interesting. OK, I'm done apoligizing now. (I haven't apologized that much since I was married...) As a side note, I totally enjoy reading the posts in this forum. Do women have that much better command of the English language? It's near impossible to decipher the threads in some of the other forums...
  6. freebier

    Blowing oil!!

    Mine also blows oil.... I spend a lot of time with the front end lofted. If the level is kept at the full mark, it'll blow oil out the breather into the air filter. Once I started keeping the level at the 1/2 way mark, problem was solved. However, I seem to use about 1 cup of oil for every 8 hours of ride time. No smoke, no indication of where it's going. I've got a couple of buddies with CRF's that use oil at the same rate... Just the nature of the beast? Any thoughts?