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  1. 2k with the FMF map cant fault it
  2. Krisden

    any aussies?

    Beechworth Vic
  3. Krisden

    WR450 Eng Temp ?

    Thanx for the help guys I only just fitted my trailtech vapor and seeing temps from 140 on open tracks and up to 221 in push your way thru bogs i was a little worried but it sounds like the norm
  4. Krisden

    WR450 Eng Temp ?

    Hi all anyone happen to know what temp range a WR450 should run at I cant find the info anywhere Cheers Kris
  5. Its right under the carb on the bowl It really had to get to with a screw driver you can ether bent driver or get a new longer fuel screw so u can use fingers I would do the later funnily enough the sell them in the TT store
  6. Krisden

    Off road fears

    My fear are headons as well mainly 4x4s Ive had 2 close calls in the last few months In one the 4x4 was on in the middle of the trackon a sharp bend seen me and turned on to the wrong side of the track leaving me with no room between his truck and a rock face luckly my barkbuster only hit his his mirror smashing it The other time it involved an all wheel drive sports car which was side ways when it came around the corner on the wrong side of the track Its getting to the point where im riding super slow (slower them my normal slow) on any track that COULD hold a 4x4. I fall off enough I dont need help
  7. Found the problem Slide plate upside down Now i need to find a new Yam Dealer
  8. hi after readinf this thread it sounded like the problem ive had so i checked the plate and it was upside down guess its common ill be rejetting again thanxs burned
  9. When its standing still and i rev it up it pops and crackles as the revs drop as well. I checked for for airleaks today all looked ok Could it just need realy rich jetting ? or is something amiss like that plate upside down like in the ealier thread ?
  10. I dont believe so because i got the removel kit from this site but cant see where to fit it I only get it on decel
  11. I'm in need of some help (with my jetting ) Ive never got my jetting right since i got the thing new. It has a WhiteBro pipe with 8 ring plate things fitted all the normal mods but not the holes cut in the air box has a after market Twin filter fitted and its cleaned every ride on the first ride the carbie failed the shop said something broke and they had replaced the part. they then told me it was popping on decel because of the after market pipe and recommended me to get a JD kit which i did but Ive never been able to get the jetting right. I have checked the hot start moved the jetting around and had the valves checked I'm also getting black soot on the guard next to the pipe (rich?) The jetting i have at the moment is:Mj168 Pj50 Needle Blue3 it summer here with temps around 65-100 but I'm still getting popping on decel no matter where i set the fuel screw I ride between 0-4000 ft any help would be great
  12. Krisden

    Jetting, nearly there, a little help

    Its summer here now i would try pj48 mj 168 JD blue 2rd from top for cooler states VIC NSW SA or 165 JD red 4th from top for the hotter States QLD WA NT In short it sounds rich to me
  13. Krisden

    04 WR450 Problems

    Allso the key switch's are known to crap them selfs after awhile
  14. Krisden

    Stock Graphics Turning Brown Need New Graphics

    Yep thats what the second pipe is and the white bike in he back gound is a fully rebuilt 90 mod wr250yz
  15. Krisden

    Stock Graphics Turning Brown Need New Graphics

    Heres mine with so nice grafix on it http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d55/krisdenn/CopyofDSC00868.jpg http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d55/krisdenn/DSC00821.jpg