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  1. Huskygirl

    Cant ride!

    exactly!! Also it's not like she's going at any crazy fast speed or anything or like I'm going to send her off on some crazy solo singletrack mission in Stony. it's just the idea of getting on the bike with a helmet i want to introduce her to at first. Gosh, if she just does that I'm elated!
  2. Huskygirl

    Cant ride!

    hey there sorry to hear about it Chad cause you always seemed kinda cool to me. Good luck to you and your boys. So yeah, riding is crazy different when you take care of the little ones. I work full time and then I'm full time mom on my days off so I can't justify those long awesome hundred mile single track days anymore with the guys. Although I SUPER miss those rides what we do now is awesome too. We take our 21-month old to the staging area and unload bikes. Dad rides away on his husky, then mom and baby ride with her bicycle while also watching the kids on their 50's. Then Dad returns and mom goes riding while Dad does the bicycle thing. It's weird but gets me riding a little bit while also introducing her to the idea of leaving home, unloading bikes, etc. Seeing her light up about riding is just so awesome. So its different but get those boys to ride so that it's still in your life. Thank God, someone else here said he was on a 50 at age 2. That's my plan with my daughter and boy do I get crap for that even on TT!
  3. Huskygirl

    Guess my new hobby!

    good to hear! My guy's been riding but it's a little different for me. Still riding but not those long singletrack days, but I miss that like CRAZY! We have to get the little one riding at least just a little so she get's the bug. Yeah, we did have some great rides. I remember that day in the pic. That's when Ilya was in a trophy truck in Baja but i just HAD to ride! That was a good day with you guys! When you're in the area again, let me know since Ilya will be game! I'll ride a little bit around our girl but I'll be staging so I can make you guys sandwiches!!
  4. Huskygirl

    Middle Creek

    okay, okay, let's set the record straight...it had been awhile since my husband even rode because he was helping me out with the whole having a baby thing. so it had been awhile since riding but we still brought his bike to unload and ride that tight singletrack in ID which we do every year. even with Addisen only 2 months old! you got lucky that day with him! as others can atest to, he's not one to be behind anyone! he was already at the top of those singletrack trails on the mountain alone by the time any riders even showed up. he was riding solo that day and then you guys came up. Sorry, but just had to try to set the record straight for my awesome guy.
  5. i think i posted to the wrong group people...give me a break, I'm not pushing her when she loves to watch us and little ones riding DIRTBIKES. she's showing interest all by herself. guess you guys will be jealous when your left in her dust. for the others who gave good advice, thanks and I'll definately consider the thoughts. Much appreciated.
  6. Huskygirl

    Middle Creek

    If you're looking for hotels near there though for some future time and you're bringing the wife I'd recommend the Tallman hotel in Upper Lake. More pricey than your standard hotel but really worth it and it's a beautifully restored old hotel that is really nicely done with a great place to eat next door. Just FYI. I like to promote Lake County whenever I can! Call USFS to see if it's actually closed 707 275-2361 or 275-2167
  7. thanks much! I agree about the gear and love the play in the dirt idea! She swims in that gear right now so I gotta think of something...and I hope I don't pressure her! I do want to introduce riding before she has an opinion though!
  8. Huskygirl

    Guess my new hobby!

    so you're still here lurking around on TT huh? Hey, it's been awhile and I finally posted something since you know, I was busy with the whole pregnancy/birth thing! Our girl is 20-months now and I just posted something inquiring about what 50 to buy her since it's time to start to put her on a bike. we've been riding, even doing our annual rides in Idaho but it IS different than before! Although apparently you have a new hobby, I'm sure you're still out there rippin' somewhere so I just thought I'd say hello!
  9. Hey there Gosh, it's been forever since I posted anything! You know, the whole pregnancy/birth thing made it so I wasn't riding as much as usual! So our baby girl is almost 21 months now and she's showing interest in riding. (i.e. she's making "VMMM" sounds as she's pushing her bicycle!) We put her on a CRF 50 and she has a few more inches to go till she reaches the pegs, but she's close. Since I've never been in the market for a 50, I really don't know much about them. Is there any reason to buy the TTR over the CRF? For instance, does one have a shorter seat height? I want the most mellow bike for our daughter. The closer to the ground the better. Since she's so young, the bike will have training wheels. I was just wondering what opinions were out there regarding the 50's. Is one lighter than another? Is one quieter? Is one more suitable for such a young toddler over another? In the next few months I'd like her to have a bike of her own just so that it is a part of her life as well as her mom's and dad's! Also, I'd love any advice from parents that have introduced dirtbikes to their children at such a young age. At this point I'm thinking of hanging out at the staging areas just so she can see little kids on bikes. We did that a few days ago, and it helped tremendously because she showed even more interest since other kids were doing it! Thanks!!
  10. Huskygirl

    Out of balance engine...help?

    hey thanks guys for the thoughts. I'll take this to the hubby & see what comes of it. I'll keep you guys posted. We'll do some breakdown of all this this weekend. Such a bummer when the bikes are down!
  11. Huskygirl

    Out of balance engine...help?

    we're in NorCal...thanks for the info though; might just give him a call.
  12. Hey guys I was hoping you could help me out a little bit. My husband was riding yesterday & something odd happened. He's on a 08TE510 w/ 63 hours. The bike is really well maintained. He went riding on fresh oil, clean air filter, valve check, etc. FYI: he's an aggressive rider. It appears that while riding (no real crashes occurred) the engine became out of balance so much so that you feel it in the saddle especially during de-acceleration. During acceleration, there's a small sweet spot where it smooths out. There is no knocking that would indicate lower end bearing issues. There's an extremely high vibration though that's really noticeable to the point where the bike isn't rideable. Also, the front engine mount bolt keeps coming loose. Tightening it makes no change because it's vibrating so much that the bolt keeps coming loose. Yes, we'll check and torque everything including the swing arm, but has anyone had this issue? Any ideas out there? Thanks for any info on this; much appreciated!
  13. Huskygirl

    The Stoneyford Witch Project.

    Hey guys! It's been FOREVER! Took lots of time off lately for the little one & now I'm back to the grindstone! Hey, I even (we both even) got to ride a bit in Idaho like we usually do!! But yeah, riding is different these days...gotta take turns. So my guy needs some good rides in with some of you guys. He's riding solo these days. So let me know when you guys are hitting the trails. He's on a Husky 510 these days... I'm off line for the weekend but talk to everyone soon!
  14. Huskygirl

    Rebuilding forks on 08 TE 510?

    thanks alot for the link to the fork thread...the manual should help him out quite a bit I hope! That's something I was looking for but couldn't find; thanks!
  15. Hey guys So my husband's 08TE510 is pretty fresh; just over 600 miles-handful of rides on it. Last week he came home with a blown fork seal. First I was wondering if anyone had some insight as to how to rebuild the Marchozzi (sp?) forks on these bikes. He's worked on his husaberg-but the husky is different. The husky forks screw right? Anyone have "how-to" specs or is there info you guys could share? Second, it's kinda odd it happened in the first place. He put some after market bleeders on and one of them broke off actually. We got the bike home with no fork oil leakagethat time. Then he put the original bleeders on and went for a ride. On mile 40 of his 80 mile ride, he blew that same fork. Why did it blow I wonder...possible air bubble?? The bike is so new I was just wondering why the fork blew so soon... Any tips would be awesome! Thanks!!