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  1. notagraphicartist

    Good Sam's Club, AAA, or ???

    AAA kicks butt. Should be required. Will cover your ass no matter how bad you get it bent out of shape. Saved my wife's butt 90 miles east of Yuma, saved mine 125 miles outside of Hell (literally). I like AAA enough that I pay for it for all my nieces and nephews. Great stuff. State Farm towing once sent FOUR trucks to get my dad out when he slid his truck off the road in the Pinal Mountains - 35 miles form the pavement, in 5 feet of snow. Took them 2 days, they worked their asses off. $50 deductible. That's it. He felt bad enough that he tipped each of the tow operators $200. Good stuff. If you are going to sick your *** in the wind it pays to cover it first...
  2. notagraphicartist

    Durangoman's Trailer

    Nice! Really like the side gate and "E" anchors. View is OK too.
  3. notagraphicartist

    Sheet Iron this weekend?

    Great weekend - blew up my new knee, my "buddy" blew up my bike - and my Xterra's clutch went south on the way home. Typical Sheetiron. Paul-Mark-Eric
  4. notagraphicartist

    IMS 3Gal tank for (08 -09)TE510

    Cracked my IMS tank's filler neck Saturday morning - stock cap. Went to open it and it cracked where the filler neck meets the the top. As I was topping off before the Sheetiron 300. Lovely. I love IMS. JB weld works (at least for a while). Tanks don't fit unless you do the hot water trick and they leak. Good stuff. Avoid IMS.
  5. notagraphicartist

    Top end rebuild ?

    AHA! The true motivation is revealed...
  6. notagraphicartist

    anyone modify their oil level check bolt

    I modified the oil check bolt on my '06TE250 - I red loctited the bloody thing closed. But the 7602 cover is nice too....
  7. notagraphicartist

    Evolution E2 behind an '04 Tacoma??

    I pull a 2007 E2 with a 2000 Xterra V6 manual trans. Load equalizers and sway control. It pulls fine, gas mileage goes to hell, but what do you expect. Not perfect, but I have pulled it over Donner Summit, off road, etc. Your Taco will do better than my Xterra. One warning - the Evolutions talk a better "hardcore" game than they deliver. They are good for graded dirt roads - but not anything too rutted or torn up too bad - especially with some good weight on them. I bent the axle on mine trying to get it into someplace it had no rights being. (Thank God for warranties).
  8. notagraphicartist

    Why are Husky exhausts on the left

    +1, both boots are burned now...
  9. notagraphicartist

    April Dirt Rider

    Pulled mine too, it has in no way impaired my ability to huck the bike off Downieville cliffs, drop it on flat ground or blow an ACL squatting down to look at the rear tire. Had a few hundred miles on a TXC 450 in various conditions before the ACL blew up - no clutch slip sans 2 springs in ugly traction conditions with a trials tire and my characteristic lack of throttle control - but my left hand sure appreciated the easier clutch pull. The rest of his tips are right on as well. Good stuff.
  10. notagraphicartist

    what makes turn signals sllowwwwwwww?

    Lucas - the original LoJack - thieves couldn't get a Lucus wired car started either...
  11. notagraphicartist

    Wiring for a computer fan

    Nice neon! Does that bike come with spinners? Sorry to be a wise-ass. I almost went that route - and in the end just bought the fan from Motoxotica. But I bet I can rig some neon lights to it...
  12. notagraphicartist

    SSS Ride Thurday around Noon!!!

    whatcha gonna do - throw your "bag" at him. He would need a snowmobile any way. how you doing Tim - need any comedy relief?
  13. notagraphicartist

    Doing Athena big bore on TC250: what do I need?

    Order the coolant fittings - Husq must use the crazy threadlock - cuz they are not coming out. (tried heat, tried every wrench and socket I own - not happening) The instructions are.....spartan - yeah, spartan is a good term. Take your time, no big surprises, it is pretty self-explanatory once you dig into it.
  14. notagraphicartist

    go west old man....

    nw_scout - I know you are a photg by trade - but JH Cheyryst - those are very very very much awesome. Seriously. Damn.
  15. notagraphicartist

    Saying Goodbye

    Dear lord (yes lowercase, its a statement of exasperation not reverence) - Dear lord, there ought to be a test or something....