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  1. hankthespacecowboy

    xl 350 into CR?

    Just doing some preliminary research here - how easily would the xl 350 motor fit into a late 70's CR chassis. I'm sure it's been done before, any pointers on who has done it/other website to look at?
  2. hankthespacecowboy

    No Tubes?

    In the mountain bike world, Stan's No Tubes (www.notubes.com) have become quite the rage. It's a system of a rim strip, valve and sealant that allows you to convert any tire/wheel combination to tubeless. This combination virtually elimates pinch flats and seals up most punctures. I've not been up to speed on dirtbike technology and was wondering if there is a simlar setup for dirtbike wheels and tires. If not, it seems plausible that one could ghetto-fab up your own tubeless system. I remember coming across a recipie for the sealant in one of my mountain bike magazines. It consistent mainly of liquid latex and perhaps some sort of powder. Electrical tape has been used as a subsitute rim strip on bicycles. As for valves, could you adapt one from a tubeless streetbike wheel?