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  1. Don't forget about the dual dipsticks!
  2. Thanks for the help. I posted a resume at their site today. And to answer your question, yes MMI has a job placement service, but all of the industry jobs are reserved for when you graduate. So we're left with the others, which are generally not too appealing. I'm about to have to resort to one of those though!
  3. I am currently searching for a position in the motorcycle industrry. I am 25 years old with a college degree and cureently attending MMI in phoenix. If you know of any openings in the area, I would greatly appreciate any help. For contact, resume, or further info, you can email at or post a reply. Thanks. -Ryan Liddy
  4. No, I am in the process of making my bike street legal and was just looking for a little added durability for street riding.
  5. Thanks, and yes I have fixed the numbers since!
  6. AWESOME bike! Do u have any more pics of the supermoto? I'm in the process of converting mine now. If possible let me know what all you have done. Thanks
  7. Has anyone found a high flow impellar for these bikes? Any help is appreciated. Thanks guys.
  8. never mind, spoke to soon, founds some at motosport!
  9. Does anyone know if someone makes stainless valves for our bike? I have an '05 and haven't had any luck finding any. Thanks
  10. Hey guys, been looking all over this site and am still looking for some info on converting my rmz to a street legal bike. What all will I need and where are some good places to look? I have checked out motostrano and found the wiring harness and lights. Is this all I need, or will I need a stator also? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  11. I have no problem workin my way UP!
  12. Maybe when I get finished with school I can take some of your guys' stacks of cash fixing your bikes and go racing myself!
  13. No bambalance or emts when I was there! Though I'm sure they weren't too far away, they just were not at the actual track. I'm not trying to argue with anyone, i just wish i had the extra 50 bones to go play! But that is 2-3 rides at the motocross track!
  14. Well guys, i guess i'm just a poor college student and can't really afford to get into the sport. It sucks because it limits the sport quite a bit and is only "cheap thrills" to older adults with "real" jobs! Maybe in a few years! Until then, motocross will have to do!
  15. Hey guys, i'm usually in the motocross forums, but have lately been thinking of converting my rmz450 into a supermoto machine. So, had everything planned out and ready to buy, but went to the track here in phoenix yesterday to see what it was all about. Wow! It looked like a total blast, but when I asked how much for a practice I almost crapped myself, 50 bucks! I don't get this at all, how can people do this? Maybe I'm spoiled with motocross being $20, but $50 seemed a bit high. Am I crazy or are all of you guys paying this much? I think most of the problem is that this is the ONLY track in phoenix running supermoto, but let me know what u think!