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  1. stuntexp

    06' stock muffler 1st plate removal & noise

    I have the the wider insert on my 06 with the spark arrester still in. I have passed sound check at three races without a problem. I think it was at about 94 but I forgot.
  2. stuntexp

    California WR400 exhaust mod help

    When you are looking down the end of the pipe you should see a baffle that runs down the middle of the pipe making the hole smaller. Now if you take the whole end off and turn it sideways you will see that it is held in there with two small rivots on each side. You have to drill out those rivots in order to get the baffle out of the middle. Once you drill them out use some visegrips to pull it out. On my 06 WR450 I went ahead and got a new insert with a larger hole instead of drilling out the baffle on the stock one. It was a bolt on part that took about 5 minutes to complete. I think that was about 30 bucks. This way I have the stock one on hand if I ever end up needing it. maybe something to consider if your not 100% sure. Furthermore, as far as I know In California all you need to have is a spark arrester and be able to meet sound requirements on BLM land. By changing out the stock end and or making the stock hole bigger you should still pass sound easy. And as long as you don't take out the mesh screen you will be good to go on the sparky as well. Hope that helps
  3. stuntexp

    New WR450 is a DOG - Help please!

    I just pulled the grey wire on my 06 WR450 last night. I found it pretty easy... Use a flat head screw driver and gently pull the harness out. From there I used a very small flat head screw driver and pushed the grey wire out from the bottom of the harness. It popped right out intact. Throw some electrical tape on there and button it up. You should be all set! S
  4. stuntexp

    Newbie Question

    Hello All... I just picked up a 06 WR450 and this is my first 4 stroke bike. I have been riding a YZ 250 for the last 7 years and I am not sure what to expect from this bike. Last night I took the tank off and after a long battle with a short allen wrench I was able to get the throttle screw out for replacement. While I had the tank off I was going to cut the grey wire. But in talking to a buddy of mine he suggested that I should start with just the screw and see if I like it before cutting the grey wire etc. Sort of the concept of doing one mod at a time and testing it out. I understand that with the YZ timing I will get a bunch more wheel spin and higher revs. Both of which I am use to from riding the 250. What would you guys suggest? Should I just go for the gusto? Grey wire, air box snorkel, exhaust!?!? Thanks in advance!!!