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    sm610s needs help

    Thanks!! I was just wondering what range of years the engines were compatible with each other. My understanding is that it has been basically the same engine with parts that could be swapped between them. Is the bore and stroke the same from 2000 to 2006? And is the S model with electric start and counterbalancer similar in dimensions to the R model which lacks these features or are they 2 different animals? I'd hate to bother Uptight Racing with a phone call just seeking information. I'm just in the curious stage right now and I figured someone here would know. I will call them when it's time to act. Thanks,
  2. stinkinfastbandit

    sm610s needs help

    I've always relied on thumpertalk for advice/info but this is my first time asking for help as searching forums has always been adequate. I recently bought a 2000 sm610s and was surprised how down in power it is relative to what I expected. Then....I read an article on it and it turns out in 2000 it was detuned quite a bit with 9:1 compression and a mild cam. I am used to and have rebuilt big bore 4 strokes and was wondering if the stock piston from a later sm610 (which I find is higher compression) would be a good bet along with a hotter cam. The carb is also a sore point as it's the dellorto. Is it possible to just add the hotter cam and piston and still get by with the stock carb or should I also be looking for a Keihn or Mikuni carb? Is there an aftermarket source for hopup parts or just mainly oem parts from hotters models such as the sm610r etc? What options are available? The bike is completely stock except for a sil pipe. No holes in airbox cover yet. I plan to just use it this year and will tear into it this winter and lap valves etc. Thanks in advance for any advice.