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  1. Thanks guys! I tried adjusting the cable and it helped a little but not a lot. The bike is almost brand new so I guess I would be surprised if the clutch needs replacing. Is this a common defect new out of the box?
  2. Excuse the basic questions. I searched but couldn't find any info. I have a new WR250F and have two questions as I familiarize myself with the bike (it's fantastic, btw): 1) When I put it in first gear with the clutch pulled all the way in, the bike pulls forward as if the clutch is not fully engaged. Is this normal? 2) What's the best way to know if the idle is set right without a tool for testing it? 3) I've read tons of threads on exhaust and was wondering who makes a good slip on for the 2006 model that is not too loud? Thanks!
  3. I'm going to buy a pair of SG10 boots and will not be able to try them on beforehand. I have a wierd size foot. One is size 9 and the other 9.5. Sometimes I wear a size 9 shoe and other times 9.5. Should I get a size 9 or 10 boot? Thanks.
  4. yamaha123

    Advice Needed: WR250 vs. TT-R250

    Well, WR it is! I purchased it today and it arrives in two weeks. Now I have to figure out how to assemble it when it gets here (new in the box but unassembled). They tell me it's simple--handle bars, tires and a few other things. Anyone put one together new out of the box? Thanks again for all the helpful info. You've just added a WR owner...
  5. yamaha123

    Advice Needed: WR250 vs. TT-R250

    Thanks everyone. I think I'll go for the WR. Anybody else who had the TTR 250 and then moved to the WR, any parting comments? Thanks again to all. Very helpful forum.
  6. yamaha123

    Advice Needed: WR250 vs. TT-R250

    Can you swap the seat on the WR for something more comfortable or is this really a non-issue? As long as it's not uncomfortable for a mellow ride out in the fields, I'm happy.
  7. yamaha123

    Advice Needed: WR250 vs. TT-R250

    Is seat/ride comfort really a big difference between the two or something minor? Thanks everyone for the comments. I'm leaning toward the WR.
  8. yamaha123

    Advice Needed: WR250 vs. TT-R250

    Thanks guys. Unfortunately, I'm living abroad and can't try anything out. I have to order it new from the U.S. and have it shipped. How comfy is the WR250 if I do find myself riding it on longer, flatter trails for a good amount of time? Keep those thoughts coming. I appreciate everyone's input.
  9. I've been reading this forum for information on both of these bikes. I'm planning to buy a 2006 in the next few weeks and I'm having trouble deciding between the TTR and the WR. Here's my quick riding profile for context: - 5 11, 165 pounds, 30s - I'm a novice and haven't ridden for 15 years - Planning to do mostly dirt trails with some hill climbing (not afraid to ride hard but nothing crazy) - Not planning to race competitively - Small jumps (on trails, etc.) but not big jumps - Mostly weekend riding for fun and to explore. I'll be lucky if I can get out more than once or twice a month. (some slow stuff and some fast stuff) - Cost difference is not a concern I would rather get something that will satisfy my needs without having to trade up. Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  10. yamaha123

    Last Year WR400 was manufactured/Price??

    The guy says it's from 2003 and that he's only ridden it twice. How do I tell what year it was manufactured? Is it worth getting a new WR450 over this? I think the guy wants $4K for it. Thanks.
  11. What was the last year the WR400 was manufactured? I have a guy trying to sell me a like new WR400 that he said was from 2003. What price should I expect to pay for a bike like this? Also, what are the main differences of the WR400 compared to the new WR450fs? Thanks.