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  1. ^^alright thanks sorry for not paying atention do you know if those prices are american or canadian?
  2. ya i really want the 250f but their like crazy expensive arent they?
  3. how much is a 125 going to cost?
  4. ^^^^ i never said i NEED an 85 thats y im on here
  5. ya the 85r expert might be good
  6. how much do u think a 2006 yz250f would cost?
  7. haha ya im not too good so im thinking yz250f
  8. alright
  9. im about 5'9 140 i definitly have enough experience though
  10. im 15 and ive been thinking of getting one. but i dont know if its the right bike or if itll be big enough if anyone has one id love to hear from you.