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  1. I have owned 2 WR400's, a 99 and a 2000 (still have the 99), and I am going to buy my son a 2006 WR250 tomorrow as part of his graduation, and to also get him off the 250 2T that plagues his riding ability (He bought it one day, coming home with it, not me). Too much power, too unforgiving for him. The 4T will hopefully remedy that, as he loves the smooth power of my 400, but I want him on a slightly smaller 4T bike (hence the 250F) to help him drill in the basics of solid woods riding here in New England. Smooth is fast up here. My question is this. Over at the 250 forum, the information about mods to the carb does not appear to be as plentiful as what I have found here. Are a lot of the tricks and tips I have used to get my 400 spot on the same in the 250 carb (I believe it is the MX variant in the 2006 model year)? I have boxes of extra parts for my 400, and that is part of the reason I am buying the 06 before the 07 changed the frame, etc. Right? The new bike runs well, is my buddies old bike to boot, so I know he hasn't thrashed it. I am a tinkerer, and will want to get the new 250 dialed in. Is the AP diaphragm and linkage mode still the same in the 06 vintage for a 250F? I already have the tokyo mods spring, extra OEM needles and leak jets too. Thanks for the input in advance.
  2. Phat Twin

    99 WR400/FCR carb jetting guru's come forth!

    New Float valve installed, AP mods complete, R&D Fuel screw, JD Jetting Needle and settings and new Q4 installed. New top end freshly done, too. Only been putting around the yard a bit until the trails open here in NH, but holy crap. 1-3rd gear wheelies are a snap, NO bog or hesitation. Thanks to all for the input. My 99 has new life breathed into it.
  3. Phat Twin

    99 WR400/FCR carb jetting guru's come forth!

    Thank you for the reply. I have used a band included in my JD jet kit to tie the linkages together. Another question for you KoolAid. 1. The extra space that is present in the black linkage that holds the AP pin, could wrapping safety wire, say 4-6 times, would that be adequate fill the extra space in the pin holder to take up the mm of slack that I am sure is creating some of the bog? 2. I have measured the depth of the Boyeson AP cover, which is the same depth as the diaphragm bracket that sits with in it. My AP would not work or move due to that measurement being the same, and the squirt was almost non existent. I ground down the pin on the diaphragm about 2mm, and now it squirts well, but what appears to be too long, about 2 seconds. The goal is to be around .5 secs if I am not mistaken, as there is no leak jet present in this year carb to help offset that amount being shot by the AP, correct? The squirt does not hit the slide either (But in a side note, the float valve was cracked almost all the way through. Dodged a bullet there.) If I put another diaphragm in and grind down the pin again, adjusting the pin length, less removed than what I did before, that should lessen the AP squirt time, correct? I only ask, as before I ground the pin in the diaphragm down (when it was tight in the cover and the AP pin did not move), the bog was present. I imagine this bog with no AP movement was due to no fuel being shot from the AP. Conversely, too much fuel also causes the bog, so the trick is finding the sweet spot ( at <.5 secs, right?) Thanks for your help.
  4. Phat Twin

    99 WR400/FCR carb jetting guru's come forth!

    I have been looking online, and I am having a hard time finding the AP actuator arm in any of the diagram's. It doesn't appear to show on the schematics for OEM Carburetor. Mine appears to be wearing, as the actuator arm/pin is somewhat loose in the hole that it sits. I am referring to the black linkage arm that directly moves the AP pin. I have a 99 WR400, and since the carb is apart, I figured I would go through it and make sure everything is tight and working well. I have done the AP diaphragm mods, but the Tokyo mod spring is too small for the AP mechanism, so that sucks (the straight extension is waaaay to short). I'm getting this ready for a season of racing enduros, and hopefully at the end of this season, I will be picking up a leftover 13 or 14 WR450. I just want this well dialed so I can give it to my kid when the new 450 rolls in. Any suggestions where to find the black actuator arm? Thanks.
  5. Phat Twin

    Best bars, risers or both for a tall rider

    I am 6'5", and I use 1 1/8 Renthal Bars with a 94mm rise. I am also using a set of ROX 2" adjustable risers with the stock top triple and those bars. Allows me the rise of the bars and 2", and it works out very well for me. A slight rotation forward of the ROX risers, and the bars are taller, but no closer to me. I rode all last season this way and it was a huge improvement in stand up riding, as well as seated cornering sitting up on the tank, too. while
  6. Phat Twin

    Fuel Screw Problem

    The R&D remote is for the 2000 YZ 426. Will that work in my 99 WR400? Carbs are still the same through those years?
  7. Phat Twin

    Fuel Screw Problem

    Sorry if I wasn't clear. I have a 99 wr400, I have rebuilt the motor, and done the same with my carb, including adding a Q4 pipe to the mix as well. I'll look at the R&D screw, thanks.
  8. Phat Twin

    Fuel Screw Problem

    Great detailed response. Thank you. I have about half of those already done on the 99 wr400 I have. Regarding the Fuel Screw, what type of carb am I running again, the FCR? Want to make sure I buy the correct type of screw for my carb. I have read a lot about the zip ty screws, are those the non aluminum ones that you are referring to?
  9. Phat Twin

    Fuel Screw Problem

    And what type if Fuel screw is not aluminum?
  10. Phat Twin

    Fuel Screw Problem

    Thanks you for the input. I have just installed a JD jet kit, bit I'm not sure what size leak jet is installed at the moment, I have to look at my notes. I did the banding to the accelerator pump arm as part if the kit, too. Would you recommend removing the QS2, getting the stock accelerator pump housing and a new diaphragm? The diaphragm that was in there did not allow the actuator from the accelerator to move at all, so I had to reduce the size of the diaphragm pin (grinding) to get the squirt into the carb. What was the other mid that you mentioned?
  11. Phat Twin

    Fuel Screw Problem

    I bought a bike used, and it came with a Boyeson Quick Shot 2 already installed on it with an apparent aftermarket fuel screw. Problem is this. When I screw the fuel screw in, the threads grab and pull the screw up, but it hits the bottom of the QS2 before it actually stops screwing in. Is my fuel screw too short, or is that the norm for the QS2? Thanks!
  12. Phat Twin

    1999 WR400 Basic Questions

    I've looked through the forums and used the search functions, but my TT search Fu is not helping me much. I have a couple basic questions on the bike itself. What is the: Stock gas tank capacity? Trying to figure out if I want more or need more range. What aftermarket fuel tanks will work with the stock seat and WR radiator shrouds? I want to remove the stock Odometer and add a vapor unit. I can remove the drive gear, but the do I just add the YZ spacer and make sure the bearing oil seal is in place? Or do I have to cap the gear drive and use it because the hubs are that different? Last one. Are the forks and brakes from the 2000 WR400 better (read YZ based) than the 98-99 versions? Would it be worth buying some parts from the 2000 model year to upgrade the suspension? I know everyone will say to get a newer bike, but did the suspension and motor change that drastically throughout 98-2007 to warrant a newer year bike? Thanks for input everyone, great forum. Just rebuilt the top end, JD jet kit with FMF Q4 pipe and she purrs on the stand. Can't wait to ride it once the snow melts. Cheers all!
  13. Phat Twin

    Yamaha WR400F (1999)


    Rebuilt from the ground up. This bike is a tank for a 6'5" rider like myself. My second one, and for the tight, snotty New England trails I ride on, its a perfect blend of tractor and ripper. I know its 15 years old, but does a 9K bike really make that much better? I'm not that good, but definataely not afraid to push it and crash, too.
  14. Phat Twin

    Yamaha WR400F 1999

    Rebuilt from the ground up. This bike is a tank for a 6'5" rider like myself. My second one, and for the tight, snotty New England trails I ride on, its a perfect blend of tractor and ripper. I know its 15 years old, but does a 9K bike really make that much better? I'm not that good, but definataely not afraid to push it and crash, too.