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  1. haysmx5

    Offcial 85cc video thread!

    my 85 sounda awesome!!!!It is not satock at all though,i have bout 6 of them,and they are cool..125s sound terrible!!!!!!!!
  2. haysmx5

    me on yz85 vid

    yall are piss ants.i dint get to watch the whole movie cus it was skipping,u looked good one that strait away especially when u went throught that puddle!!!!!!!That was awesome!!
  3. haysmx5

    Cross Creek Pictures

  4. haysmx5

    Trailer Photos

    http://kreativegrafix.com/kpix2.asp?PID=12 here is a pic of my new trailer,it is 20'8!!!!!We just got it dont a few weeks ago.This side right here looks like a rolling bill board if u ask me.i like it!!!!
  5. haysmx5

    me on yz85 vid

    gay!!!u are jusping 2 feet!!!!! wow.. baybe u will be rc one day!!!
  6. haysmx5

    Let's see the X-mas presents

    i got a psp,ipod,800,new 85,crf 80,w/blue wheelsand rad hubs,procircuit pipe and silencer,factory racing ignition cover,new gear,12 jere ball bearing KOBALT tool box"huge",and alot of clothes!!!!!!And going shopping today
  7. dude,ur kid will be pro in exactly 7years and 4and a half months
  8. new bike contest!!!other is getting to many!!!Post the nice bikes only!!!No old bike,2000 and above plese!!
  9. rml222!!!!If u think ur bike is bad you need to reconsider.Telling that one guy his is ugly...If i had pisc of mice i would embarise you.Either one of mine would.Urs are pretty much stock.!!!!!!!Wait!!!
  10. haysmx5

    yalls bikes??????

    i said yall twice...What do u want me to say,"what kind of graphics do yall have bitches?" i think that is good
  11. haysmx5

    Advice for a new rider?

    hey java kno it all???????If u think you no so much why dont u tell him to his face he is to big.And actually i am on 85s and i am also on a 125.I am 14 and i weight 89 pounds and i am not no good like you prolly are...I got pic,go to pic and go to "yallsbikes" it is on the 3rd page by haysmx5 focker"UR A IDIOT"
  12. haysmx5

    yalls bikes??????

    yea man,im feeling you dude...Nice bikes.I have makita on one and the cernics on my 85s.I am bout to take makita off and get tha monster energy cernics...I have a few pics from over a year and a half ago.These are my old bikes that i sold a while back..I am going to take pics of my new ones soon!!!! http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a123/haysmx5/IMG_0385.jpg http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a123/haysmx5/IMG_0386.jpg http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a123/haysmx5/IMG_0384.jpg http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a123/haysmx5/IMG_0383.jpg http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a123/haysmx5/laidback.jpg
  13. haysmx5

    Advice for a new rider?

    JAVA JOE=ur an idiot for thinking a 15 year old should ride a 250!!!!!!A 15 year old should still be on a 85 but also on a 125!!!!U r going to get some one hurt
  14. haysmx5

    yall wanna see a sick scrub?

    nice,but that looks like turning handle bars and leaning body,u r suppose to yank bars and lean!!!!
  15. haysmx5

    yalls bikes??????

    ok...now yall have nice bikes,but most of these people have those fmx graphics of whatever tha come wit number plates to bith bllod on them,Yalls are nice but those are gay.If i knew how to post pics i would.My bikes are like the nicest bikes at my local races.I have 3 rm 85s...One of them has red excel wheels and pipe and silencer and makita graphics,clamps,vforce 3 reeds,yellow number plates wit red preprinted backgrouns and tons of other....My 06 is stock"for now".....And my other 05 has the 06 cernics graphics "white and blue" wit blue wheels,pipe silencer,wheels,litz suspension,909 bars,brp clamps,foot pegs,skidplate,and alot of other POST PICS!!!!