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  1. SoCalRat

    2010 YZ450 axleblocks

    Thanks for the quick info
  2. Just bought this and noticed several of you are changing the axlebloc ks. Are the stock that bad? Are Hammerhead a good block? Also since many stated the chain sucks are you using DID gold and a case saver? Suffered a cracked case on an 08 RMZ250 and don't want to go through that again. Thanks
  3. SoCalRat

    08 cracked case saga

    $800 on labor but better than $2200. I'm satisfied.
  4. SoCalRat

    08 cracked case saga

    Well, if you read my stripped kick starter thread you know that the current thought is due to an improper starting procedure. When I spoke with Suzuki Customer Service, they made it clear the RMZ-250 came without a warranty. So when the dealership called today stating the Suzuki would provide the parts ($1400) :banana:and I would be responsible for the labor I thought it sounded like a very good option. back :soon Thanks Suzuki:thumbsup:
  5. SoCalRat

    08 with broken kick started

    Well, the dealership just called, at least Suzuki is picking up the parts, so my bill is a third of what it would have been. I can live with that.
  6. SoCalRat

    08 with broken kick started

    Hopefully others will speak up. Resinlips, did you have yours at the dealership for repair? Hopefully I won't get raped fro $2K
  7. SoCalRat

    08 with broken kick started

    Just spoke with Suzuki Customer Service. Officially not covered but since it is at an authorized dealer and it appears to be mfg defect per my warranty company they will investigate the complaint and let me know in 2-3 days Looks very similar to the previous image. Here's hoping for a happy resolution.
  8. SoCalRat

    08 with broken kick started

    2008 engine
  9. SoCalRat

    08 with broken kick started

    I have not seen the case yet. I think you are probably correct about the cause. Hopefully we can resolve something next week.
  10. SoCalRat

    08 with broken kick started

    well, this just sucks, according to the warranty investigator there was no internal damage to the lubricating parts that would have caused the case to crack, therefore they will not cover it. Onto the dealership to see if they will call Suzuki and I will indeed call Suzuki. Right now with parts and labor we are at $2200. So basically a worhtless bike with $5k left on the purchase contract.
  11. SoCalRat

    08 with broken kick started

    probably won't get it in till next week. I'll let you know the outcome.
  12. SoCalRat

    08 with broken kick started

    Son's 08 with seven hours on it. The kick start won't work and sounds like the gears are stripped alreay:foul: Fortunately wife bought an extended warranty for it. We will see if it was worth the cost.
  13. SoCalRat

    Suzuki raptor or Z400

    General riding for an over 50 rider. Mostly socal, maybe some track. $3-3500 what would you choose of these options. http://inlandempire.craigslist.org/mcy/1466509897.html http://inlandempire.craigslist.org/mcy/1463347087.html http://sandiego.craigslist.org/ssd/mcy/1467538161.html Leaning towards one since most mods have been done suspension wise..
  14. SoCalRat

    2008 otd price

    Got my son's for $4500 OTD in San Diego
  15. Coming from a KTM 2 stroke I could easily remove the needle and jets from the carb while it was on the bike. Can this be done on the 008 RMZ250? Looks a lot more crowded under there.