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  1. I’ve ridden a WR450 as well as a KTM 690. I currently ride a 16 500. The WR has power, but suspension not too good compared to the KTM and KTM power delivery is soooo much smoother ..... The 500 is much more nimble and fun to ride than the 690. For roads over 75 MPH or just cruising long distance with out pushing very hard the 690 is better suited. But any challenging rides 500 all the way!
  2. NewJersey

    No weekday rides
  3. NewJersey

    Ran into a group with a few Betas on top of Forked River Mountain last year. I was with group of RZRs. Maybe next weekend? Pm me a # and I'll add you to group ride texts
  4. NewJersey

    We ride through 72 and 539 often. Good to have around 75 mile range. If not gotta carry fuel cans..... but your more than welcome to pm me your number and I'll add you to my group text for planned rides
  5. NewJersey

    Yes sir. Lakehurst Rd.......
  6. Yeah buddy. Ride season just getting started. If your looking to ride get in touch. Plated KTMs in our group
  7. Yeah buddy. Love single track all day. Now at 51 and much extra metal inside..... KTM rules.
  8. Have had sxr800's. My good friend still rides/races the sxr. He rode the new 1500. First impression was holy crap. Handling and power is awesome. Stock 800 47 MPH. Stock 1500 65 MPH. He told me new one is awesome. And he's a 2 stroke freak.
  9. Have had many banshees including a long travel lone star outlaw cheetah power valve 421, WalshRacecraft, Roll Design and LAEGER all long travel narrow chassis with cr500 linkage or no links, big bore power valve 250R's. As well as fully built LTR's....... IMHO...... get an 08 LTR if you can find one in great condition. The 250R's done to this caliber with 20K +++ in each where special and handled extremely well. However, rebuild schedule, race fuel, mixing oil, and even with 4 gallon tanks they sucked fuel...... overall the LTR wins my vote, however still needs a good set of SHOCKS and long travel a arms. You will not regret it!
  10. Probably larger tank. We get about 100 miles to a tank
  11. GPS....... some winging it too
  12. NewJersey

    No state inspection for bikes in nj anymore
  13. Looking for guys that have plated Enduros. Most of my group stop riding during summer months. Hoping to find guys that want to ride throughout the summer! Get in touch via message. Talk soon, Docbones
  14. Not that I know of.....
  15. NewJersey

    Tomorrow ride planned