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  1. picacosa

    Possible electric problem....

    Hey I tested my bike out and I found that the recall fire screen on my 02crf was restricting my carb and it would die. I put the old oem one back in and it runs fine.
  2. picacosa

    02 vs. 05 CRF R - opinions please

    I use my 02 in the nevada dunes (sand mt) And it pulls like nothing I have ever felt before. I have had some problems with it. It caught on fire due to the oem flame guard in the air box. I currently am having a problem with the bike dying on me.
  3. Hey man I hope your 02 has the recall fire screen in the air box because the original oem screen is no good. My filter lit on fire and melted al kind of plastics on my bike.
  4. picacosa

    Possible electric problem....

    Hey I dont know if you have fixed your bike yet but my 02 crf450 is doing the same thing! Almost killed me at the track also. I have not fixed my problem but I am going to test ride the bike with my kill switch disconnected this weekwnd. My brothers 01 cr250 had same issue, he disconnected his kill switch and has been riding with no problems. Good luck with your bike man, I will let you know as soon as i fix this.
  5. Thanks I will try that also.
  6. My 02 crf 450 just started randomly shuting down while on the track today. It almost seems like it keeps fouling the plug or is just flooding. In order to get it to start back up I have to Clear it out by holding the throttle wide open and kicking about 5times. I pull in the hot start and it fires back up. 5 or six turns later it just falls on its face and shuts off. Any suggestions?
  7. picacosa

    My bike cought on fire yesterday, Why?

    Tiki is a smart man!
  8. picacosa

    CRF450 total blow up

    My 02 is giving me problems. I caught the air filter on fire the other day. are 02 crfs not good?
  9. picacosa

    My bike cought on fire yesterday, Why?

    None of these filter companies make a good filter for an 02. I know k&n does not.
  10. picacosa

    My bike cought on fire yesterday, Why?

    I don't know if it is original. I think it is because i was even saying to myself, this screen will not stop a flame. How can I get the updated screen?
  11. picacosa

    CRF 450 Valves Question

    What kind of filter do you run in your 2002 45o. Can you get the powerflow kit for an 02?
  12. picacosa

    My bike cought on fire yesterday, Why?

    I am trying to find a twin air filter with a backfire screen but i guess they don't have one for an 02 CRF450. Does any one know where to get one?
  13. picacosa

    My bike cought on fire yesterday, Why?

    Dish soap and hot water.
  14. I heard that the 02 crf450 has jetting problems stock. My filter caught on fire the other day and that really sucked. Any suggestions?