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    Please HELP motor problems

    It still sounds bad after the rebuild, It did spew but not a lot. I put in a new clutch and it works fine. But still have a bad rumble and I cant tell where it is coming from.
  2. Long time veiwer, first time writer. My 05 crf450 sounds great at an idle, but as you rev it up it sounds VERY loose. I have put in a new top end (piston, rings, wrist pin and clips) Started second kick and sounds exactly the same as it did when I started. Everything on the right side seems good. Cluch basket is a little loose but not bad. Everything on the left looks good to. This all started when I got very stuck in what seemed like quick sand. Smoked my clutch trying to get it out and I think it got pretty hot. Im a little reluctant to split the case if I dont have to. Thanks for any help