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  1. Alright ... an update on my problem... changed the oil to Rotella 5w-40 and it is working perfectly... drag when oil is cold but that is normal ... thanks guys by the way i also took out the washers when changing the oil
  2. so it could be my clutch plates? they don't seem warped or anything just "glazed" purpleish on some
  3. Yea that's the puzzling thing about this one... the basket isn't grooved looks great
  4. I use yamalube (i beleive it's 50/50 synthetic) does it make a difference between half and fully synthetic?
  5. Didn't seem to when it first occured ... when my engine is cold i guess oil too as usual it stalls when i try to put it in gear...forgot to mention that i changed the filter and oil first
  6. I've got an '03 YZ250F that I bought in November of 2005. It worked fine till i took it riding 2 weeks after new years. The clutch would not disengage. I had it in gear and on with clutch all the way pulled in and it rolled like it had no clutch even after adjusting it, handlebar and base adjustment. Also, when I tried to shift it was hard and sometimes couldn't shift. Wierd thing is that when i start it up initially and put it in gear it's fine it's after i go about a foot it starts these symptoms. Have not tried to start it in gear but when i first got it I could start it in gear which was a surprise for these bikes from what i read. I didn't ride it that weekend checked TT for stuff on it. The friction plates are 3 mm so they're the right width. I did the 79 cent washer fix and it seemed to make it better (as in rolling slower) but it still rolls and is still hard to shift into neutral or 2nd while sitting and front brake in so i do not roll. There are no grooves in the basket and i know the plates are getting enough oil cuz every time i take it apart to try something else they are oiled up. I also tried removing the clutch boss spring and plate seat as described in the thumperfaq clutch mods for the bike which had no effect. All out of ideas... By the whole bike is stock except a white brothers pipe and handlebars...